Dungeons and Dragons

Attaining RPG Nirvana through exploratory character design won’t have you “winning D&D” if you are the only one exploring. 

Shedding the traditional emotional bonds that come with character creation allowed me to experience the game in a whole new way.

In my last article I mentioned a kid named Tim. Tim is an original member of our D&D group that didn’t last. Someone asked, “What happened to Tim?” That’s a good question, and one that is part of a much larger story connected to Dungeons and Dragons. You see, Tim fell victim to The Dark Dungeons. Looking for the Devil in all the Wrong Places TSR’s use of certain r...

While working on another story about old-school D&D, I cracked open my 1st edition AD&D core books for some material. It’s been years since I looked at the AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide (DMG). I had forgotten how Gary Gygax quietly reminded us that he was serious about his creation but there is also a lighter side of Dungeons & Dragons. “Don’t spend too much time mer...

“In school I was a founding member of the ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ club at my high school. I was in chorus and I was in swing choir. I was an outcast but I was an outcast among a group of outcasts.” John C. Reilly

Wizards of the the Coast has announced its next book release for Dungeons & Dragons. April 4th WOTC Tales from the Yawning Portal will be released to the masses.

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