Dungeons & Dragons Inducted into Toy Hall of Fame


Today the Strong National Museum Of Play announced that Dungeons & Dragons, the King of Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games (RPG’s) is a 2016 inductee to the Toy Hall of Fame.

The Birth of Pen and Paper Gaming

In the 1970’s Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson based the idea of Dungeons & Dragons from their tabletop war gaming hobby. They created a game where players assume the role of characters they create using system of attributes weighed against die rolls. But that is the boring part. Dungeons & Dragons greatest attribute is in storytelling and dependence on its players imagination.
Dungeons & Dragons started a wave of similar games. New character creation design and conflict resolution systems came about as a result. A war was on as to which system was the best. As a result we have store shelves full of games that allow gamer’s to explore worlds new and old – familiar and alien.

Making the leap from Pen and Paper to Pixels

dungeons-dragons FGIn the 1980’s Console and PC gaming came to into being. Dungeons & Dragons would be there from almost the beginning. D&D titles and a throng of copycats quickly adapted to the electronic age. Unfortunately, the early days of electronic gaming could not incorporate RPG’s greatest asset; the face-to face interaction of the players. The social aspect of Pen and Paper RPG’s has long been touted as one of it’s greatest quality. But todays Internet voice and audio communications along with new interactive tabletop gaming software now make it possible for Dungeons & Dragons to be shared between fans in real-time from the comfort of their homes.

I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons since the summer of 1981. At the age of 49 I am happy and proud to say that I still play D&D to this day. And thanks to the technology at our fingertips I am able to share my love for Dungeons &Dragons with players new and old every week. Thank you Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, and thank you to all the hard working people at TSR, Wizards of the Coast all all the D&D fans for keeping Dungeons & Dragons moving ever forward.

Gravy Kingpin exists in two gaming worlds - Pen & Paper and console/PC. He's a part time guardian, part time Dungeon Master, and a full time husband and father of two.

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