Doom Free Play Weekend, Free DLC, Huge Discount Starting July 20th!

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We’re half way through 2017 and we’ve seen some great games for sure this year, but 2016 was a great year for gamers too!  Doom, arguably one of the best games of last year, is having a Free Play Weekend on Xbox One begining July 20th!  This is awesome, but that’s not all!  Big changes are also coming to Doom with update 6.66, and the game is on sale digitally for $15.00 USD at this link!  Please note that Mulehorn gaming receives a small commission for purchases made through affiliate links.  We appreciate your support of MHG!

Doom Free Play Weekend, Free DLC, Huge Discount Starting July 20th!

What’s New With Update 6.66

Update 6.66 is bringing substantial changes to the game’s multiplayer, with a revised progression system, new rune system for loadouts, enhanced kill notifications and bug fixes.  Also, as part of this update, all of Doom’s multiplayer DLC (all maps, weapons, armor sets, and demons) is included as part of the base game.  Considering that the season pass is currently listed on Amazon for $39.99 on it’s own, getting all of this for free is an amazing deal!

How Good Is Doom?

Metascore: 87
Metacritic User Score 8.3

The reviews on Metacritic are quite favorable for Doom and a Metascore of 87 puts it an the elite class of Xbox One games.  That puts it amongst the likes of Injustice 2 (88), Forza Horizon 3 (87), Dirt 4 (87), and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (86).  The Mulehorn Gaming site didn’t do an official review, but our very own Alex AKA Circuit8 ranked Doom as one of his top 3 games of 2016.  Here’s his take on Doom from the 2016 article, MHG Round Table: Our Top 3 Games of the Year.

“Many years after Doom splashed our school monitors with pixelated blood, ever-so-slightly skewed away from our teacher’s attention… We’ve ached for a modern twist on this revolutionary classic. Doom 3 hinted at something great, and to many it was the penultimate Doom experience. I am happy to say, however, that the newest incarnation of id Software’s Doom delivers in a way nobody expected it could. Part of the charm and allure of the old DOS-based games had to do with technology that was groundbreaking for the time, yet none too impressive in 2016. Was it possible to capture the frenetic-yet-creepy vibe of running through hell, shotgunning demons in the face and solving puzzles? I say: Yes. The new Doom mixes perfect amounts of new and old schools, ensuring the modern gamers are pleased with absolutely top notch graphics, RPG-like upgrade systems, and thoroughly gory action. I mean gory. Really. You will literally use your hands to rip, tear, and yank apart every bad guy in this game. Old schoolers will find solace in the fact that most of the guns in Doom do not feature ADS (aim down sights), but rather favor a run-and-gun, chess like style of hectic yet strategic gameplay. Players must constantly stay on the move when faced with hordes of demons and monsters, utilizing the verticality of levels as well as prioritizing encounters (and weapon varieties) in a scary, but always satisfying, dance of death. Of course, Doom still feels like the story was written by a 13-year-old listening to Megadeth, but that’s exactly why it’s so good. This is, flat out, one of the best campaign experiences of 2016. The multiplayer, however, is nothing to write home about (most of it was outsourced to another studio). Doom does feature a very extensive custom map builder called SnapMap which will satisfy most level modders with lighting, audio, AI and scripting, and online sharing capabilities.”

At the very least, I’m sold on trying it out this weekend for free, but at only $15 it’s going to be a tough deal to pass up.  I spent close to that just on lunch yesterday!  If you need more convincing to give the game a try, check out the trailers below!  Happy gaming and go shoot some demons!





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