The Division Special Report March 8th, 2017

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Today marks a full year since Tom Clancy’s The Division launched! There have been many ups and downs with this game, but its success cannot be denied by the sheer number of people that have purchased and played the game over the last year.  Many have wondered what lies in the future of The Division.  Now that the full contents of the season pass have been released and Massive has begun work on another IP (Avatar), will The Division slowly wither away? Wonder no more, as today Massive announced what we can expect from Year 2 of The Division!

Happy 1st Birthday to The Division!

As we wish The Division a happy 1st birthday, Massive is supplying all who play the game with some gifts!  All players who log in at least once from March 9th through March 16th will get a free celebration emote (pictured above) and 200 Premium Credits. What are Premium Credits, you ask?  They are a new form of currency added to Tom Clancy’s The Division that are purchased with real life money.  These credits can be used in-game for various cosmetic items and emotes at specific vendors.  Nothing purchased via premium credits will give the player an advantage of any kind.  They are strictly used for vanity items.  That’s not all though, players who log in from March 11th through March 16th will earn Double HVT Rewards and Double Field Proficiency Caches. So, during this time frame, players will be able to acquire new gear twice as fast!

Year 2 Content Is Coming!

A few little gifts like those are great for people that are still actively playing the game, but what about people who have stopped playing?  Is there anything else to bring them back to the game? There just may be.  In today’s stream, the team at Massive announced that new content is coming in year 2, free of charge!

Content Drop #1 will include what they are calling “seasons.”  Seasons are limited time events that bring strong modifiers to a specific playlist of in-game activities that change the way they are played and feature rewards for completion. Additionally, these seasons will include leaderboards so players can see how they stack up to other players.  Plus, there will be an in-game achievement system they are currently calling feats.  Various short, medium, and long-term accomplishments will award players with patches that act as marks of distinction. A new vanity slot will open up to display these “patches”, but there will be more to come on this at a later date.

Also coming in Year 2’s Content Drop #1 are Loadouts!  This is something The Division faithful have been asking for since Gear Sets were introduced to the game.  Players will be able to save up to 6 player loadouts to include to include all gear items, weapons, mods, and skills.  This allows the player to change his or her build on the fly without wasting time that could be used actually playing the game.

More to the Story?

Content Drop #2 will bring more story to the game. That’s right, there will be more narrative content added and it will come free to all players. This update is still a long ways away and there are no details as to what it will be.  It may not be additional story missions, but rest assured they do want to expand on the story and the lore of The Division.

Year 2 for The Division is officially a thing, but will it be enough to keep players they currently have and bring back those who already left?  We’ll just have to wait and see.  Let us know in the comments what you think about today’s announcements.

Adam Ratliff is married to an awesome woman and is the father of one amazing little girl. After the birth of his daughter, he fell out of gaming for a while, but now he's back and fully entrenched in the gaming community. Adam's gaming history started back in the day on Atari then progressed through the gamut of NES, Sega Genesis, and PS1-3 before finding a home with Xbox One. He loves spending time with family and friends, Star Wars, and puns! Follow him on Twitter at @adam_ratliff or in the gaming community everywhere else as CarpeAdam79.

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