Disney Wants 21st Century Fox for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Disney has recently been in talks with buying out a bulk of 21st Century Fox’s media assets, according to Newsarama. According to the article, the sale would include Fox Entertainment group. This is the portion of the company that owns 20th Century Fox, which currently has the rights to many different films. The interesting ones for Marvel fans? X-Men and the Fantastic Four franchises, of course.


Obviously, if the sale were to take place, then Disney would be able to control most of Marvel’s film rights. And, with acquiring the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, the two famous franchises would be brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Adding these two franchises to the collection of Avengers, Spider-Man(partially owned), and the Guardians of the Galaxy is an exciting idea to any Marvel and superhero fan!



Marvel Cinematic Universe - Avengers vs. X-Men

Disney wants all these characters for the big screen!

However, it looks like talks could have already died. Bloomberg reports that both sides have already ceased. It appears that they could have talks resume in the future, but currently, they have already ended. But, when it comes to money, you never know how things will shake out. And, with both Fox and Disney’s stock market shares rising after this report, we will see what ends up happening. Stick around and see how all of this plays out in the future.


What are your thoughts on this partial buyout talk? Excited? Or would you rather see the X-Men in it’s own universe at Fox? Sound off in the comments below! Rather have news delivered straight into your ears? Then checkout the latest episode of the Analog Assault Podcast here! Tired of waiting for Star Wars news? Well, checkout this new Dark Side reveal in Star Wars Battlefront II! And, for all things geek and game, stay tuned in here. Remember, when in doubt, blow it up!

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