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Extremophile: “extreme love” an organism that survives best in extreme conditions, where normal life would die. Screenshot_20160831-122951~01

 From Another World

In Astrobiology: Panspermia is the distribution of nature, and spread of life throughout our universe.
Comets could very well be the intergalactic spaceships that delivered our very own life on this planet. These “space buses” are capable of spreading extremophiles and RNA to the farthest reaches of our galaxy. Many theories are born from this science, one being that life on other planets could exist from this type of universal seeding around the many stars in the Milky Way.
Astrobiologists study extremophiles, and many other organisms of this type.
Here are a few that are capable of surviving in extreme environments.
At our very own Yellowstone national park, bacteria emit a display of colors near thermal activity. Thermus Aquaticus thrives at temperatures of 160°F degrees and can live up to 175°F degrees. Some scientists believe that these vents may have been the origin of the first life on Earth.



Ocean floor vents and aerial of  Yellowstone

“On 26 April 2012, scientists reported that lichen survived and showed remarkable results on the adaptation capacity of photosynthetic activity within the simulation time of 34 days under Martian conditions in the Mars Simulation Laboratory (MSL) maintained by the German Aerospace Center”

Pompei worm

The Pompeii worm, is a species of deep-sea “bristle worms”, named after the Roman city of Pompeii destroyed by an eruption of nearby Mount Vesuvius.
It is an extremophile found only around deep floor hydrothermal vents in the Pacific Ocean.
While scientists can’t figure out how it lives, it is believed to be due to its symbiotic relationship with bacteria that grows on its back.
Why is this relevant? Well, the key to our interplanetary travels may be to adapt or bring on these traits embedded within this ancient RNA.
For example, Jupiter’s moon Europa may harbor life because there are hydrothermal vents at the ocean floor. If we could somehow navigate to those depths we may uncover alien bacteria or extremophile life there as well.
Microbial ecologists, astronomers, planetary scientists, geochemists, philosophers, and explorers cooperate constructively to guide the search for life on other planets.
So one day we may finally prove we are not alone and we never truly were.
Just makes you think a little bit more about Dead Orbit out there at the far reaches of our solar system and the symbiotic relationship they have with the Light/Darkness.
Have an extremely good weekend.
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