Destiny’s Faction Lore and The Russian Civil War


So I started down a road when researching for one of my latest Lore cards. I’ve been working on these for quite some time and have 90 percent of the armory in Destiny defined. I spend countless hours researching each item and finding their relevance within the world of Destiny.

That being said, I will preface this. It is not confirmed that Bungie has used this narrative outline for their in game story. Nor am I saying any of this is fact to the in game storyline. This is purely theory crafting or so called “Spinfoil”.

So here’s my current findings. As many may already know, it appears that Bungie may have been telling a story about a certain mysterious faction since Vanilla.

Let me explain, we recently found an item in the Tower from Lysander himself. It’s a Sparrow we received from a gift hidden near the shipwright between FWC above and Dead Orbit below. Ironically this parallels with the lore. New Monarchy is on the opposite side of the Tower and it’s fitting since they are responsible for the exile of Concordat a little known faction which Lysander represents.


Lysander has been trying to dismantle the theologies of the Consensus as well as create a war against the Vanguard. His faction even tried to “out” Osiris as a mistake, and that an inept ghost accidentally made him human.

I was researching the ship “Vintage Russian Soul” for a new Lore card
when I stumbled upon many intersections within the history of The Russian Civil War IRL and the Faction Wars in Destiny.


Simply defined the Russian Civil War was fought mainly by four groups with separate ideologies.

The Red Guard
The White Guard
The Black army
The Green army

The two largest combatants were the Red Army, fighting for
mainstream socialism, and the White Army fighting for an alternative form of socialism. In addition a rival militant non-ideological group emerged “The Green Army”. The Green Army fought against both the Reds and the Whites wanting to overthrow the modern idealistic changing political landscape. The Green and Black army both had similar anarchist beliefs. Even though the Black army wanted a stateless government and to abandon the Old Russian way of rule.

“above propaganda images via Encyclopedia Britannica”

If you want to know more I encourage you to look up “The Russian Civil War” It is very interesting to see how the Once Super Power came to be so many years ago.

Now back to Destiny, as you may now see the colors became significant to me. I had that A-ha moment when reading each factions ideology and comparing to the ideologies of each Russian Guard.


New Monarchy = The Red Army
Concordat = The Green army
Dead Orbit = The Black army

Bannerfall is the origin of a legendary battle in which New Monarchy drives Concordat out unraveling Lysander’s war efforts.
But as stated in ghost fragment The City Age “Lysander will not back down. He’ll continue his crusade from wherever we stuff him”. The Consensus appointed a new replacement faction the Future War Cult. They are there because the Vanguard wants to focus on aggressively regaining territories on behalf of the Speaker and FWC is a very good asset in completing this goal.

Within the Russian Civil War a similar event happened followed by many more battles and a new Power emerged. This new Power absorbed the whole of the factions, all Guards were forced to work in concert with one another and rebuild the old Soviet Land. The Red Army eventually became the dominant force and thus created a New Russia. During the events leading up to WW1 many treaties and negotiations had been tried, but Russia ultimately withdrew. This was named the Policy of “No War No Peace”. The real Rasputin even had a hand in causing strife for the Russian Empire as well as creating discord within a key historical event, but that’s another story….

The White army could be a lost story yet to have been told inside of Destiny’s lore. If we see the Lore of “The Faction Wars” better fleshed out in the future this would be a great way to explore and explain those battles that brought forward these factions that are currently in the Tower. We know many battles happened and ultimately the Battle of Twilight Gap is the most famous.

So what do you think? Who would you compare the FWC too?
Is this a legitimate similarity or can you find a better parallel in history to relate it to?

Whether many of these events have already happened or will happen has yet to have been written into the Lore of Destiny, but as the two sayings go “Art imitates life” and “History repeats itself”…

RYNO-666 of


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