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The Destiny Age of Triumph stream just brought us closer to what we will soon be diving into this March 28th. Destiny’s “Weekly Ritual” reveal steam unveiled some interesting details concerning our Strikes, Story playlist, Crucible and Prison of Elders playlists.

The Speaker Speaks

Age of Triumph kicks off with a quest from The Speaker. This introduction not only helps newcomers but also highlights the new path ahead for veterans. Right off we get some great ways to celebrate our last days before Destiny 2.

Age of Triumph - Weekly Rituals The Speaker

New Treasure of Ages Packages from Eververse

These packages will include everything that has been sold thus far as well as a few new items being introduced later. This gives all those collectors a great way to grab all those ornaments they may not have in their collection.

Age of Triumph - Weekly Rituals Treasure of Ages

Also, our attentive community pointed out these new Ornaments.

New Ornaments confirmed: No Land Beyond, Necrochasm, Vex Mythoclast, Touch of Malice, Dragon’s Breath, Lord of Wolves, & Suros Regime

Thanks to @Fuzzle_HC on Twitter, Twilight Garrison appears to now accept shaders

Age of Triumph - Weekly Rituals Twilight Garrison

New Challenges

Challenge of Elders is back at 390 light and has been given a few tweaks. Prison of Elders gets a level 42 version added on, but doesn’t replace what’s already there.

Age of Triumph - Weekly Rituals Crucible Lord Shaxx

The Crucible gets an added weekly bounty to grab from Lord Shaxx as well.

Nightfall Strikes have a new Daybreak modifier. The recharge rate for all Guardian abilities greatly increased.  This gives us a Mayhem-like experience. In fact, the very rate of super recharge has been copied and pasted into this much more difficult mode. The Strike scoring bounties will remain as well. Once a month, upon completion, you can get the coveted ‘blue flame’ experience buff to wear proudly. This gives an advantage to the loot system and is attainable every month. On July 18th we will have 6 consecutive weeks to get the Blue flames.

Age of Triumph - Weekly Rituals Nightfall

Age of Triumph - Weekly Rituals Nightfall Buff

Blue Flames and the Nightfall buff

Age of Triumph - Weekly Rituals

Raid Loot?

Bungie recently confirmed that all raids will become playable again and are coming up to the current Light Level. The next stream will show off some new ornaments and reintroduced Raid weapons from the past.

Age of Triumph - Weekly Rituals Vex Mythoclast Ornament Chronoshot
Age of Triumph will kick off on March 28, and is described as a “fun and memorable celebration that will bring the first major chapter of our Destiny adventures to a fitting close.”

The Schedule for the Age of Triumph events after launch:

Crota’s End – Week 1

Vault of Glass – Week 2

King’s Fall – Week  3

“Sequels represent the start of a new adventure for every player, with new worlds to explore, new stories to tell, new powers to acquire, new loot to earn, and much more,” via Bungie blog post.

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