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Today, Bungie fired up the Twitch studio and brought Guardians their first look at the Age of Triumph, due to be launched on March 28th, 2017.  Let the swan song to Destiny begin.

Destiny Age of triumph reveal feature

Age of Triumph Stream

More information is coming in the following weeks leading up to March 28th. Today, Bungie spent most of the stream looking at the Age of Triumph record book and speaking about raids. The following is the information confirmed from the stream:

  • Vex Mythoclast is returning and can drop at 400 Light, as well as all other raid weapons.
  • All Raids are being updated to a 390 light version, complete with challenge modes for all.
  • Challenge modes for Vault of Glass occur at Templar and Atheon.
  • All raids will be getting new rewards and challenges; King’s Fall and Wrath of the Machine raids will have new challenges.
  • All raids will drop new armor that has ornament slots.
  • There will be a featured raid each week with special rewards for completion; the first featured raid will be Crota’s End.
  • Changes are coming to other activities (like Strikes) and will be showcased on a later stream.

Age of Triumph Record Book

Every Guardian’s exploits will be chronicled in the Age of Triumph record book. Some of these challenges will be completed immediately upon opening the book, but more than half of the challenges will need to be completed afterwords. It was relayed in the stream that the book can be completed without completing every challenge, as the goal was for it to be reflective of how each individual Guardian tackles Destiny, rather than a checklist that has to be checked off. Challenges in the book cover everything from raids, day-one players, completionists, collectors, Crucible, Trials of Osiris, and more. The Age of Triumph book is 13 pages long and is the biggest record book to date. All of this content will be free to players who own Rise of Iron.

This is the final stretch for Destiny and this Age of Triumph represents a celebration of all that Guardians have accomplished during this three-year adventure.  More information will be available on Bungie’s next stream on March 15th.  Stay tuned here for all your Age of Triumph information!

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