Destiny 2’s Upcoming Expansion, Shadowkeep, Delayed

Earlier this year, Bungie announced its ambitious plans for the Destiny franchise after their split from previous publisher, Activision. With the future of Destiny 2 and the franchise as a whole in question, Bungie outlined a new, trans-formative expansion called “Shadowkeep” with a year’s worth of seasonal content as well as its new free-to-play point of entry, “New Light” set to release in September. Shadowkeep will bring guardians back to the moon for the first time since Destiny 2 launched to take on a new, but familiar threat.

Guardians Return to the Moon, But Not as Soon as We Thought

Fast forward to August 1st, just a few weeks before the expansion is set to release, where Bungie announced to mixed acclaim that Shadowkeep would be delayed a few weeks to October 1st. In a blog post, Bungie sited needing “a bit more time in the oven” before Shadowkeep is ready for the world to devour. Previously, this level of candor might have been suppressed by the game’s former publisher in lieu of a timely release, but with Bungie behind the wheel and in control of their own destiny (pun completely intended), transparency with the community and a fully polished game experience are what appear to matter most.  Shortly after the announcement, Destiny Game Director, Luke Smith took to twitter and assured the community that they would be publishing a “state of the game” to outline the last 6 months of what they’ve learned from Destiny 2 as well as changes they will be implementing in October.

The Silver Lining

Even if the expansion didn’t need time for polish, this delay may be a blessing in disguise given the crowded release window Shadowkeep sat in previously. With the much-anticipated looter-shooter, Borderlands 3 and action favorite, Gears 5, set to release in the same week, Shadowkeep had some stiff competition for gamers’ attention.

The one downside I see from this news, albeit a very negligible one, would be the fact that the Free-to-Play entry “New Light” will release later as well. So, those looking to try Destiny 2 for the first time are going to have to wait just a bit longer like the rest of us.

Despite the news, Destiny is at it’s best when there is fresh content on the horizon and there seems to be no shortage here in the near future, even if it’s coming a little later than initially anticipated.

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