Destiny 2 Trailer Breakdown and Images

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The Destiny 2 hype Train has officially begun barreling full steam ahead down the tracks, fueled by the massive community and Activision’s marketing team.

The first teaser was a leaked image of a poster. Soon after, Bungie blasted the internet with a screenshot of The number 2, surrounded by fire and destruction. Suddenly a cinematic teaser trailer starring Cayde-6, voiced by Firefly’s Nathan Fillion blew us away.

Today ladies and gentlemen, we learn The Last City appears to be under attack by the Cabal. The rumored “Red Legion” attacks and we must defend it.

Destiny 2 Trailer Breakdown and Images

Cayde-6, Ikora, and Zavala battle it out amidst the broken city. While carnage erupts and Cabal destruction is everywhere, we see some interesting new enemies.

Destiny 2 Trailer Breakdown and Images

Destiny 2 Trailer Breakdown and Images

This doesn’t stop as the we also see the Tower get destroyed and the cities people try to escape. Cayde’s humor doesn’t let up while Zavala is giving the new Guardians a pep talk, which is great.

Destiny 2 Trailer Breakdown and ImagesDestiny 2 Trailer Breakdown and ImagesDestiny 2 Trailer Breakdown and Images

It looks like Bungie will hopefully deliver on story and bring us cinematics with characters we deeply care about. It looks as though Destiny 2 will subject us to some very rough stuff, as well as some terrible losses to pull at our heart strings. Some of this foreshadowing can also be found in the latest Grimoire entries that were just released with Age of Triumph. I encourage everyone to read them.

A fantastic site to do this is at Ishtar Collective.

Just when you can’t contain the levels of hype anymore we also got an expansion pass image. Yes, it looks like Osiris and the Warminds will finally break their silence. Also, Preorders have gone live, and not just for the Collectors editions. The madness doesn’t stop there. Todd McFarlane tweeted the Gjallarhorn is now on preorder as well!

Destiny 2 Trailer Breakdown and Images Expansion Pass

Bye bye pocket book…

Check out our article, Destiny 2 – What You Need to Know to get all the sweet details about special editions, new story, and more!

Wishful thinking and happy reading!

“Fight back Guardian.” -Lord Shaxx

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