Destiny 2 Sandbox Update and Thoughts


So you want to run three shotguns? Do it.

You may have noticed a tremor of excitement ripple through the internet. Bungie released a sandbox update yesterday that changed the way we will play Destiny 2 in year two of its existence. Initial reports are positive. Even the Destiny subreddit is relatively peaceful. Obviously, there needs to be more time spent with the changes, but things seem to be continuing their upward trend since Warmind was released.

Way too Early Review

I spent some time with the new (read old) load out options, and things felt weird. Have you ever laid down to go to sleep after a day of physical activity and your body realigns, and you’re not sure if something bad is happening to you? This is how the new load outs feel. They feel good, but there’s some pain with it. That pain comes from being shotgunned 14 times in one crucible match; from remembering that you only need to tap the switch weapon button, instead of holding it down to bring out your shotgun/sniper/fusion rifle. As always, solo-queue at your own risk.

PvE bosses melted under the slew of shotguns and rocket launchers players equipped. They might need to raise their health a bit. This may also be corrected when Forsaken drops, we will see next week. It was wonderful to see the play spaces full of players again. While I think that many are waiting for Forsaken to drop, or to see if Forsaken is worth the cost of admission, there are plenty of people returning to their hobby. It’s nice to be home. Bungie also released three lore nuggets that gave insight into why Cayde-6 is at the Reef. They’re worth looking at for context, and any added story to the Destiny universe is a welcome addition.

As many found out yesterday, completing the flashpoint milestone on Mars dropped a piece of Forsaken gear. Most people received a helmet, chest piece, or an assault rifle. The chest piece I got for my hunter had a Lore tab. Bungie tweeted out last night, August 28th, that they were aware of some receiving Forsaken gear too early, and that it would be resolved next Tuesday. They did not go into more detail on what they are going to do about it; here’s hoping I get to keep my chest piece.

How are you liking the update? Let us know in the comments below.

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