Destiny 2 is Parent-Friendly

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There’s good news for all those Destiny Dads and Moms out there who struggled to keep their light level relevant in Destiny 1. Destiny 2 is here and, unlike its predecessor, staying relevant with your fellow guardians is a much easier task.

Lighter Grind

Destiny 2 is Parent-Friendly Gaming Parents

The grind of Destiny 2 is of a much finer grain. Those precious few hours between diaper changes, and nap times will be rewarded with purple engram drops and copious tokens – rewards for your activities. Weapon leveling is out. Long hours spent leveling the meta-weapon du jour can be spent testing some of those weapons you never had time to try otherwise. There’s also a new modding system for weapons and armor providing unparalleled customization. Heck, you might even find extra time to play ball in the new social space.

Clan Mate

Finding that you still need help leveling? Join a clan. Weekly clan rewards are shared among all members. Sitting at baby girl’s dance recital instead of raiding? No worries, your clan mates have got you covered. While you’ve been playing Dad your fellow guardians have been shaking down Emperor Calus. Rewards for their success will be waiting for you next time you log in. Maybe you’re like me and you hate raiding but love Crucible… Perfect! Your participation in in the arena and Iron Banner benefits your clan mates who don’t do PVP. Your participation goes toward the clan’s weekly total. At the end of the week, everyone benefits. Overall, the clan system makes Destiny 2 a less lonely experience, even if you tend to play alone.

Destiny 2 is Parent-Friendly Gaming Parents


I know what some of you are thinking: Destiny 2 is watered down. It’s too easy to level up. There are too few exotic weapons, and they are too easily obtained. Iron Banner rewards aren’t unique. The end game content isn’t enough to keep your attention. You miss the grind…Wait! What? Well, maybe I wish there was a little more grind too, but overall I like the space Destiny 2 creates. Gone is the sense of urgency to chase the game. There’s a lot more room to breathe in the space where the Destiny grind once existed, and there is a bright side to this lack of end game. You need look no further than the backlog of games in your library. I bet everyone reading this has a game they put off for Destiny 2. You’ve been telling yourself you need to give Destiny a break to play Shadow of Mordor, For Honor, Battlefront, Tomb Raider, Forza 7, Horizon Zero Dawn, Milkmaid of the Milky Way …etc. Here is your opportunity to explore new worlds.

Destiny 2 is Parent-Friendly Gaming Parents

You moms and dads out there struggling to keep up between bottle feedings can relax a bit knowing we aren’t leaving you in our glimmer dust. When the Tuesday reset rolls around, we will be back to help by jumping into orbit and off to Titan, Nessus, the EDZ, etc. to make our contribution to the clan. And, when Iron Banner returns in a few weeks, it’ll feel fresh again. Maybe the rewards won’t be any better, but we’ll have fun kicking butt with clan mates by our side.

Gravy Kingpin exists in two gaming worlds - Pen & Paper and console/PC. He's a part time guardian, part time Dungeon Master, and a full time husband and father of two.

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