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Destiny 2 has been out for almost a month and guardians have been busy exploring the story, new worlds, the Leviathan raid, and Trials of the Nine. Destiny’s hardcore community members have long since hit the power level cap, and many avid players have expressed dissatisfaction with the static weapon rolls, simplified armor, and lack of endgame grind. At the extreme opposite end of the spectrum, casual players feel disadvantaged because they have other commitments and cannot spend hours grinding or raiding. With reviews ranging from ‘terribly flawed’ to ‘greatly improved’ the game is really what you make it. We have a few suggestions to help you enjoy Destiny 2.

Explore the Lore

Many people were pleased to see a fairly well-explained main story-line in Destiny 2; however, the final boss fight with Ghaul and super-Ghaul left us wanting more. The scan-able lore in the world does provide some additional information, but it is somewhat disjointed and is not saved anywhere for you to revisit when needed. Some great options for lore-masters include: learning more about factions from Mr. Byford; speculating on who will be the next speaker with Myelin Games; checking out the Destiny Ghost Stories or Focused Fire Chat podcasts on your long drives; or diving deep into the never-ending joy of the lore sub-reddit.


Join a Clan!

The best moments in Destiny are those shared with friends, new and old. The Guided Games feature is now active for the Nightfall and the Raid. People can choose to be a seeker (looking for a group) or act as a guide. Helping people through content is a nice way to bring a little excitement to content that may be starting to feel stale; on the flip side, this feature can also help you get through endgame content that feels super challenging. Initial feedback on the Guided Games has been very positive. Guardians can find a new way to play using this nifty feature.

Variety is the Spice of Destiny

Just like anything in life, you need a little variety. You know 8 hours a day of grinding is going to burn you out. Similarly, obsessing over content you have not completed or the gear you don’t have will drive you nuts. With the Faction Rally just starting, we have a great opportunity to go back and explore the worlds (I’ve never given Io a fair shake), team up with your new clan for public events and lost sectors, and grind out some new loot (go Dead Orbit)! You can also join in the informal faction wars on Twitter (follow me @Alysen_metal); there you will find a whole community of people looking to get the most out of this game.

Flex Your PvP

Destiny’s Crucible is an ever-changing version of the game which can offer a great triumph and harsh lessons. If you are looking to expand your horizons and have not tried PvP in Destiny 2, I suggest catching a few episodes of Crucible Radio and jumping in with both feet. The ultimate goal of completing a flawless Trials of the Nine is very rewarding (both mentally and in terms of loot). The Trials auto rifle, Prosecutor, is no joke. This highly-anticipated weekly event requires team work, focus, and maybe a MIDA Multi-Tool (thought I prefer Uriel’s Gift). The crucible is a great option for all guardians and offers constant room for improvement. If you want to check it out before jumping in, look up Destiny 2 streamers on Mixer or Twitch.

We have a lot to look forward to (Faction Rally, Iron Banner, Prestige Raid, Osiris expansion, etc.) and many more fun little secrets to discover. In the interim, try something new, help a kinder-guardian, try some PvP, and check out the community’s valuable lore archives; find your new way to play!


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