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Bungie has released its plans for the first month of Destiny 2, posting a nice road map on their own blog. It tells us when we will be able to do certain events and, most importantly, when Xur will arrive. The road map starts with the launch week and ends on Friday, September 29.

Destiny 2

As we can see here, Xur won’t be arriving until week 2, giving players a bit more time to gather those legendary shards to trade with our tentacle-faced friend. It also looks like we will be learning more about the mysterious Nine Xur represents when Trials of the Nine begins on September 15th. Presumably, Trials of the Nine will be replacing the Trials of Osiris as the top competitive PvP mode in Destiny 2.


The image also reveals when Guided Games kicks off. It will start with the Nightfall strike, The Inverted Spire on September 12. It’s the beta version of the Guided Games, so we have to see how it will work out. By the end of the first month, Bungie will release Guided Games (in beta) for the Leviathan raid as well.


Each week will include a Flashpoint location. Flashpoints are new quests with powerful rewards earned by completing public events in the featured location of the week. We will start off in the EDZ in week 1, and move to Nessus during week 2 on Tuesday, September 12, putting it on the same reset cycle as Nightfall Strikes.


In the last week of this first month, we can see a new event called Faction Rally which will start on Tuesday, September 26th. There is no information on this event as of yet. All we know is that it will include the factions from Destiny 1, Dead Orbit, New Monarchy and Future War Cult, and could potentially be an event that spans across PvE and PvP.


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