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I’m coming home, Ace.

Forsaken is the latest installment in Bungie’s looter shooter Destiny 2. The story takes Guardians to darker shores, different from the sparkling, shining, virtuous tower we have come to know. If you are looking to avoid spoilers, click the X in the top right of your browser now. The first mission, is incredible. Our Guardian interacts with two different NPC’s throughout the mission, and the writing and cutscenes are some of the best they have ever done, and that is just in the first mission. There is real joy in Cayde-6, as he runs around restoring order to the Prison of Elders. He runs around the level with you. This is something that has been missing from most of Destiny’s content; interaction from the world we run through. 

Death of a Hero

To the writer’s, and Nolan North’s credit, Cayde is Cayde until the end. (Nolan North replaced Nathan Fillion for Forsaken) Side note: There is a very real difference between Nolan North’s Cayde-6 and Nathan Fillion’s Cayde-6. The most accurate way to describe it, is that Fillion was playing Cayde, and North was playing Nathan Fillion. Fillion did leave some very large shoes to fill.

The death of Cayde-6 was heart wrenching, and left me with a sense of loss. Throughout Destiny and Destiny 2, there has been one character that just shines, and that’s Cayde-6. When Bungie revealed his death at E3, the community was in upheaval. People who hadn’t played Destiny in months were swearing vengeance upon Uldren. This was something Bungie needed to do. They needed to get the community to become emotionally invested in their game again, and the only way to do that, was to kill the character most Guardians loved. 

The Tangled Shore

The Tangled Shore is one of the new areas for players to experience. It’s large and full of activities. The space is designed differently from all the other playable spaces in any Destiny content. The developers at Bungie talked relentlessly about making the game feel desperate and gritty, and the Tangled Shore does that very well. It’s not a pretty space, but one that is worth exploring every inch of. Each corner of the map is slightly different than the other area, not always aesthetically, but with the enemies that are there and some of the accents. One of the more intriguing spaces is the Jetsam of Saturn, which includes wreckage from the battle that happens at the beginning of the Taken King. There’s a crashed Hive dreadnought in the area, and it brings some nostalgia with it. Running around the Tangled Shore feels like a space western; the characters, the scenery, and the voice acting all combine to make this a good experience. 

The Dreaming City

The Tangled Shore is great. The Dreaming City is easily one of the most beautiful gaming spaces I have ever visited. If one is looking for comparisons, it feels like a Rivendell in space. The sky boxes are gorgeous, and there’s something to see in every direction. The first time you visit, you are surrounded by fog. As you venture forward, things become visible, and it’s breathtaking. My first adventure was to help Petra take back the Dreaming City, and speak to Mara Sov. Once this objective was completed, I was free to roam the area; and roam it I did. There are so many corners to explore, so many doors that won’t open. Areas that seem to be unreachable, are, if you have the right tincture. Explore this area, there are so many more secret things to find. The Dreaming City will change on Friday, as Bungie has stated that when the raid, Last Wish, launches, things are going to change. While I won’t be in the running for World’s First, I will be running around to see what is new.


Destiny 2: Forsaken is worth the price of admission. While we have only reviewed the story here, there’s much more to explore. The story is one of those parts that makes this a great DLC from Bungie. There are missions and cinematics. Each Baron is their own mini adventure mission. The story does not drag on, and is challenging especially in the first play through. The Barons are unique, with personalities ranging from insanity to religious fervor; each fight is different. There is humanity in the Baron’s leader though. As you fight the leader of the Barons, The Fanatic, he tears through the facade of Light an goodness that the Guardians stand for. He taunts us with the words, “You enjoyed killing my friends!” and even our Ghost isn’t sure of our motives in the end. 

As I mentioned before, this is something that was sorely lacking in Destiny’s story. Humanity. Feeling. The lore has returned. Context can be found in the Grimoire again. For the first time, in some time, Destiny is headed in the right direction. Want to see the story for yourself? Playlist here8/10 and the second and third play throughs are good too. 

Have you played Forsaken? Let us know what you think of it in the comment section below.

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