Destiny 2: Forsaken – New Game Modes Gambit and Breakthrough

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We asked for more to do. They gave us more to do.

Since the release of Destiny 2: Forsaken, there has been new content each week. This has been quite the change for fans of the game. Most content drops have included a week or two’s worth of new things to do, including a raid, and then everyone goes back to what they were doing. Gambit released with Forsaken, but the fourth map was released after the world’s first completion of the raid, so there have been new things on top of new things. The exotic quest to get the Malfeasance was also discovered yesterday, which includes at least two Gambit steps. Breakthrough, another new game mode, released yesterday with three new maps. So. Much. To. Do.

Destiny 2: Forsaken - New Game Modes Gambit and Breakthrough

Look your opponents in the eye before taking them on in Gambit.


Gambit is the new PvEvP (Player vs Environment vs Player) mode that released with Forsaken. It pits two teams of four against enemies found throughout Destiny as well as one another. Each team has their own arena to fight enemies in, and it’s a race against the other team to destroy enemies and “bank” the motes that drop from them. Banking a total of 75 motes allows your team to fight a Taken Primeval, and the first team to kill their primeval wins the round; best of three wins the match. The enemies include Fallen, Hive, Vex, Cabal, and the Forsaken Scorn. Every enemy type of each race is included, and the enemies become stronger each round in the match. Win 2 out of 3 matches, and you’ll be victorious.

The PvP side of things happens in two ways: Blockers and Invaders. Blockers happen each time you bank at least 5, 10, or 15 motes. Five motes sends a small blocker, 10 a medium blocker, and 15 (which is the max a player can hold) a large blocker. A blocker is simply a large Taken enemy with varying degrees of difficulty based on how many motes you bank. The opposing team has to kill those blockers before they can bank motes and return the favor. Once your team has banked 75 motes, a primeval spawns in and your team must kill it before the other team spawns theirs and kill it.

Activating the invasion portal makes this game mode especially interesting. The portal activates at 25 motes, 50 motes, and opens up for good once the opposing team summons their Primeval (with cool-downs between uses). Jump through the portal to teleport to the enemy team’s turf and do your worst for 30 seconds, or until you are killed.

Gambit Review

Gambit is a fresh new mode in Destiny 2. It’s something unlike anything else I’ve ever played. There are enough maps for now, and the enemy types play differently on each map. No match plays the same, and often times each round is different. It requires communication, or, if you’re playing with match-made teammates, paying attention to each other is vitally important to your team’s success. There is a real feeling of accomplishment at the end of a match, especially when you win, as you’ve beaten the opposing team as well as the Drifter’s chosen enemies. It’s a strong game mode, and hopefully Bungie continues to make content like this.

Before I give a verdict, it should be mentioned that if you are playing against a team with players running Sleeper Simulant, you might as well run them too. Players are at a distinct disadvantage if they choose not to use them against a team that does. Bungie has stated that they are looking at reducing the aim assist for the weapon, but this has yet to be implemented. Gambit is a really fun game mode, but the overuse of Sleeper Simulant is in danger of ruining the mode completely. Hopefully, a fix the majority of players can stomach (because they are not going to please everyone) can be found. Other than that, Gambit is a lot of fun, especially with friends. Get yourself a fire team and destroy those Primevals.

Looking for gameplay? Right here! 8.5/10 (Sleeper is the only thing holding this score back)

Destiny 2: Forsaken - New Game Modes Gambit and Breakthrough

Bungie’s new King-of-the-Hill mode, Breakthrough.


Breakthrough is the new PvP mode that released yesterday. It pits two teams of four against each other. The match starts, and both teams fight over the same point in the middle of the map, King-of-the-Hill style. The team that captures the point then has to capture the opposing team’s vault. This consists of capturing a second point. Each team has a chance to win a round, even after the center point has been captured. The attacking team has two minutes to capture the point to win, or your team can defend for those two minutes to win the round. A match goes to overtime if there is any progress in capturing the point. You will either capture the point or the other team removes your progress. Ties can happen if nobody captures the center point. In order to clear the progress by the opposing team, your team must stand on the point.

Breakthrough Review

In all the matches I played yesterday, only one of them was really bad. We were farmed by the opposing team for five minutes because they had some progress in capturing our point. It was in overtime, and they were just killing us as we spawned. We ended up leaving the match because it wouldn’t end unless we cleared the point or they captured it. If teams lost a player, the spots weren’t filled, which made it rough if you were down a person. The new maps are really solid and fit the game type well. Not all of the PvP maps are used for the mode, but some are, and they play surprisingly well. Matches consist of the best of three rounds, and matches can vary between quick and stagnant.

There’s a lot of room for competitive play, and it is a lot of fun playing with a team. Breakthrough is another good addition to Destiny 2’s PvP offerings, but it could use some tweaking. There needs to be a way for the game to end if one team is smashing the other like what happened to me; a mercy rule perhaps. I am not sure how this would be implemented, though. Respawn timers feel a little long, but that is probably because you’re in a rush to get back to the point.

More time in the game type will lead to new ways to play it, but initial thoughts are that this game type is a blast. It takes communication, coordination, and good gun play to win a round. Breakthrough is a well thought out, relatively balanced game type. Game mode needs some minor balancing, but is really fun and competitive. 8/10

Need to see some gameplay? Click here!

Have you played Gambit or Breakthrough? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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