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Weapon updates, new supers, and exciting activities

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Now that we’ve gotten to see the new direction of Destiny 2 with Bungie’s reveal stream of Forsaken, my question to you is: Are you excited, or are you cautiously waiting for more information before committing to another year of Destiny 2? I am excited about this direction but, as with most things, there are two sides to each story. We will learn much more at E3, but we have a lot to talk about now! We’ll focus on the weapons, supers, and activities confirmed for Forsaken’s release on September 4, 2018. But first…

New Destinations

Two new destinations will arrive in Destiny 2 this September. Guardians will return to The Reef, exploring a location called The Tangled Shore. Here, pirates and outlaws thrive in an area of near lawlessness. Your task: Hunt down 8 powerful Fallen Barons that have escaped the Prison of Elders.

A new raid was also teased, and for the first time will exist in its own Destination: The Dreaming City.

Destiny 2: Forsaken - Everything You Need to Know - Outlaw Baron

Find and defeat 8 Fallen Barons, freshly on the lam.

Weapon Updates: Perks

Random rolls are back, baby! This is something that people have been calling for since the release of Destiny 2. This brings a whole new level of depth to the game that has been needed since some players have been unhappy with the amount of loot in the game. In Bungie’s ViDoc (check it out at the bottom of this article) we saw what appear to be constant intrinsic perks for weapons as well as a random perk. What remains to be seen is whether all the perks on the guns will be random, or if it will be just the “main perk.”

Personally, I am hoping for the God-tier weapons to return, giving us something else to chase within the game. Armor will also have specific perks relative to destinations (or at least within The Dreaming City) which is a major game changer in making us feel more powerful and giving us more things to chase.

Weapon Updates: Slots

Kinetic and heavy weapon slots are gone, or at least that’s how it appears. It looks like it’s going to be a “have it your way” system, featuring 3 weapon slots that accept any weapon type. You can have a loadout like Destiny 1, or you can play the Destiny 2 way with double primaries, OR you can rock three shotguns! To me that sounds a little ridiculous, but it also sounds incredibly fun to run around destroying anything that stands in front of me.

This new way of weapon slots adds more depth to the game that it has sorely needed as stated above. Bungie will let the player choose how to play, giving them the control. Even though this sounds great, there are still some questions that have yet to be answered. What will ammo distribution look like? Also, how difficult will it be to balance people wielding three shotguns in the Crucible? I’m sure most of these questions will be answered in the coming days, but I’m excited to see this change come to Destiny 2.

Nine New Supers

Let’s talk about supers! With Destiny 2: Forsaken, there will be nine new super trees for each class. That means one additional tree for each subclass that is already in the game. This is an incredible game changer when it comes to varying how the game is played. Up to this point, we have always had the generic Destiny 1 supers except for the changes to the Arc Strider, Sentinel, and Dawnblade. Adding further customization to your style of play, these new supers were on full display during Bungie’s ViDoc. Let’s start with my favorite class…


  • Void: This a roaming super for the Night Stalker called Shadowmark. Think of this as a Void bladedancer from Destiny 1. It looks like it will turn you invisible and then allow you to lunge at your opponents with fast and lethal strikes while wielding two blades.
  • Arc: Not much is known about this super as the only thing that was shown in the ViDoc was the ability to block attacks by using your staff, almost like a Jedi knight. I am excited about this one because it finally gives the hunter a defensive super.
  • Solar: Gunslingers are getting a facelift with the addition of the the fire knives super. Details about this super are unknown, but from the video it looks like you will be able to throw three knives at a time. I’m not a big fan of Golden Gun because of how situational it always felt, but with this change I am intrigued and I can’t wait to try it out.
Destiny 2: Forsaken - Everything You Need to Know - Hunter Shadowmark

The Hunter’s Nightstalker class is updated with the dual-wielding Shadowmark.


  • Void: Nova bomb is getting a change from being a single gigantic ball of death to a roaming super. As a Warlock with fast teleporting abilities, you’ll unleash devastating waves of Void energy. Warlocks using this skill tree will cover ground quickly and obliterate opponents face-to-face.
  • Arc: The Stormcaller is getting a much needed change, allowing a super that is more useful in boss fights. The change comes in what I can only describe as a gigantic beam of light, very similar to that of Iron Man’s arc reactor blast from his suit.
  • Solar: Nothing has been revealed at this time about the change coming to dawnblade. However, I would like to speculate that this super could become a defensive super that is missing from the Warlock lineup. Maybe it could be a giant shield? A big wall of fire? Who knows!


  • Void: We got a brief look at a stationary titan in a bubble, like in the beginning cut-scene with Zavala, but there’s nothing definite on what the change is. An interesting theory is that the bubble will either be able to move, like a small tank, or that you would be able to place multiple bubbles down in succession. Either would be an interesting change.
  • Arc: I have nightmares about the Fists of Havoc (panic) ranging back to the days of Destiny 1. As I saw them reveal this new super, only one thing was venturing through my head and it was the superman theme song. When you cast this super it looks like the old Destiny 1 perk, Death From Above, and then the Striker does an arching superhero punch, slamming the ground with a blast of arc energy.
  • Solar: Just when you thought the Sunbreaker couldn’t have gotten any more deadly… Upon activation of this super the Titan will now be granted a giant hammer. Let me repeat that: A GIANT HAMMER! The Sunbreaker doesn’t have many flaws from my standpoint, but I could definitely see how this would help with clearing enemies more quickly. Also, by adding a ground pound that emits a flaming tornado, it now makes it a viable super against Strike bosses.

Activities: Gambit

This year, Bungie has been gutsy with their changes to PvP and PvE, trying to make a better destiny experience. Those changes, for the most part, were accepted by the community with a resounding applause. Now in year two, they are upping the ante again with a brand-new game mode called Gambit. Combining PvP and PvE elements, this is a new breed of activity that has never been seen before in the world of Destiny. The community has been calling for a mode like this for a long time. In September, it will be here.

Destiny 2: Forsaken - Everything You Need to Know - Gambit

Gambit will test your teamwork in a hybrid PvP/PvE environment.

The rules that we know of are as follows: Two teams of four will enter what looks to be the old prison of Elders, now made to be the Gambit cell. The goal of the mode is to collect items to put into a bank, and once your bank is full a Prime Evil will appear. The first team to defeat this enemy wins the round. The PvP side of this is called Invasion. One player from each side will be allowed to go over to the opposing arena to prevent the other team from banking their items.

There is one more way to prevent your opposing team from scoring, and that is called Blocking. By depositing 5, 10, or 15 items at once you can block the opposing bank and spawn a “blocker” that will prevent the bank from being accessed until it is defeated. Overall, this seems to be a promising game mode that will hopefully be accompanied by incredible loot. I’m excited to play this mode in Forsaken.

Final Thoughts

The reveal of Destiny 2: Forsaken looks to be a giant step in the right direction. New destinations, a new raid, more exotic weapons and armor, and a brand-spanking-new weapon type (Legendary Bow) all add to the value of this release. Various Quality of Life changes, like more vault space, will see their way into Destiny as well. Will Bungie deliver? I am excited see what they show at E3 and you can bet that I’ll be back with another look at the story of Destiny 2: Forsaken. Until then, I’ll see you in Orbit!

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