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Everyone loves a festival.

Festival of the Lost, along with the next Iron Banner, will be live Tuesday, October 16th. Amanda Holliday is in charge this year, and there looks to be some pretty spicy events included. There will be triumphs, bounties, masks, and rewards to earn throughout the event. Towards the end of the event, on October 30th, we will once again be on the hunt for murderers of a Destiny NPC. Master Ives, of Awoken Reef fame, has been killed, and we are tasked with finding his killers. This quest line will be available at reset, and will add an additional powerful reward to earn. The event concludes Tuesday, November 6th at reset.

You folks like loot?

Ephemeral Engrams are earned every time you fill the XP bar, which is IN ADDITION to receiving a Steadfast Engram. That means you get two engrams each level up. There will be Festival specific items that drop from Ephemeral engrams, and your regularly scheduled items will still drop from Steadfast ones. If there is something you just have to have, you can purchase Festival items directly with Bright Dust. Emotes, sparrows, ghost shells, and masks will be the rewards; and I would speculate that there will be some rewards that we haven’t been told about.

There is also a new auto rifle that players can earn or purchase, in game, called the Horror Story. To purchase it, you need Fragmented Souls, which you can get from the daily bounties.

You wanna go to a spooky forest?

During the event, the Haunted Forest will be available. It’s a 15 minute time trial. The deeper you go, the harder it gets. You can fly solo, matchmake, or go with a squad. This event seems pretty intense, and I can’t wait to jump in. This should be a pretty solid community event. Bungie seems to have figured out how to make content fun and profitable, with a lot to look forward to. Iron Banner is live during the first week, with revamped bounties, and new rewards to earn. During this week as well, Oct 16-Oct 19, is Double Valor, and Oct 19-Oct 23, is Triple Valor. Crucible is going to be busy.

There won’t be any maintenance down time, but players will need to reload the game at reset to download the update.

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