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If you follow any sort of gaming-related social media accounts at all then you might’ve noticed some commotion yesterday. Activision had their Quarterly Earnings Conference Call where they discuss, well, their franchises’ earnings. During the call they field questions from investment firms regarding the future of their franchises, among those of course being Destiny 2.

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Quick snapshot of Activision’s Outlook for 2017

Although this snapshot is vague, they did expand on it during the call. When asked about the confirmation of a Destiny sequel in 2017, Dennis from Activision stated “Call of Duty and Destiny franchises will have releases in the back half of the year, some going into early 2018.” Regarding Destiny specifically, he also mentioned that they were “Working on Destiny 2 with a release planned in the fall… that will feature a great cinematic story, great cast, accessible to casual players, while keeping cores that current players enjoy…”


If you’re a Destiny fan at all, that should be music to your ears. I know it is for me. Personally, all the information released yesterday got me particularly hyped up. I’ve been a hardcore Destiny fan since day one and this news regarding Destiny 2 is very exciting. Now, all we can do is sit back and wait for an official reveal from Bungie.

Keep your eyes on the Destiny Reddit page, follow Bungie on Twitter and Facebook, and keep checking back here to see when new information is posted.

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