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Put away your Graviton Lance, there’s a new meta coming to town.


The Destiny 2 Sandbox has been vacant of excitement and fun. Bungie is looking to turn things around with this update that drops on August 28th. The new weapon slot system, along with the mod system, will be changing before the Forsaken DLC drops on September 4th. This will be a free update to all players, and not specific to Forsaken.

Let’s Get Buff!

Melee’s will now be a two-hit kill. Meaning, you only have to punch an opponent twice to get the kill. Shoulder Charges of any flavor are a one hit kill. There are exotic armor pieces that will make punching people even more interesting, and it will be interesting to see the community explore what works best. Grenades are slightly buffed but are not one-hit kills.

Tether is receiving a buff to where it will actually work in the Crucible. They determined that it activated too slowly or was not registering enemies until after the user had been killed.  Stormtrance has also received a buff and will melt down enemies in the Crucible more quickly. In the gameplay they showed today, it was not an immediate kill, but it is relatively close to an instant kill.

Bows and Stuff

The bow was on display and it looked like it will be a nice addition to players arsenal. The loadout system is going to make the Crucible different again. There will obviously be guns that work better than others, but the Graviton Lance only meta that pervades the Crucible now will be a distant memory in a couple weeks.

There are perks to running different types of weapons, and the ammo economy will be closer to the original Destiny than what we have had. For instance, if I choose to run three shotguns, I spawn with one shot each in my “primary” and “secondary” slots. The heavy slot still spawns in with no ammo. Choosing your loadout will be something to pay attention to again. “Elemental” or “Secondary” ammo will drop from defeated enemies. This type of ammo doesn’t drop from a map spawn. Hand cannons will be a three shot kill now.

Do You Even Mod Bro?

The mod system is getting an overhaul. Weapons and armor will both have modding options. The mod pool will be much larger than it currently, and mods will matter to each player and their play style. Masterworks are also changing by going to a 10-point system. Meaning, you can mod a masterworked stat 10 times, for a 10% bonus in that stat. The new mods will not be in game until the Forsaken DLC drops on September 4th.

To Hype or Not to Hype

Crucible has needed a facelift since Destiny 2 launched. What Bungie and its community thought were good changes turned out to be duds. The “Go Fast” update that dropped right before Warmind was a good step towards a better Crucible, but it didn’t fix the core of the Crucible. The biggest problem for PVP in Destiny 2, is that there has always been one or two guns that are viable and if you aren’t using them, you might as well not play.

The number of ways to die in the Crucible grows with the addition of shotguns, snipers, and fusion rifles back into the meta. Some players are worried about shotgun campers and sniping hardscopers. While there will be an adjustment period to the new Crucible, this looks much better than any kind of PVP we have had in Destiny 2. Obviously, getting hands on the new systems is imperative, but I remain incredibly excited for the Forsaken DLC and the changes that are coming with it. We didn’t get the game we wanted when Destiny 2 released, but I’m all about second chances.

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