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If you are like me as a Destiny hardcore player you have been thinking about Beyond Light coming this fall since it was announced. With it comes new gear, a new explorable space in Europa and the best thing of all new supers! This will be the biggest shake-up in the destiny sandbox in Destiny 2 history. The new super/damage type will be stasis a freeze/time-based subclass with new abilities. All theories are just my ideas for the Supers, abilities will come at a later time. So buckle up, put on that spin foil hat, and let’s ride! 


As much as I want to jump right into the supers and explain my theory about each one individually but I need to share where I base this off of. On Bungie’s website on the Byond Light page, there is a small section about supers and this is the jumping-off point for my theory. Here is what it says: 

Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters each use Stasis in a different way, from slowing down foes with Stasis fields to encasing and shattering enemies with destructive might. -Bungie

The keywords in that statement are Slowing/Encasing/Shattering. Let’s break down each one so that you understand what I mean when I use each term. 

Slowing– not fully freezing the enemy in place but significantly slowing movement and fire speed for target affected

Encasing– the target is covered with the glass or frost stasis effect on their body 

Shattering– When the target has been encased enough the particles on the target will shatter doing damage to them and others.

This is the theme for every super/ability. These supers will have a different skill tree look so what I could be describing may only be a small part of the bigger picture. 

Freeze You’re it

I am going to start with the Warlock first. I feel like this super is going to be the Warlocks second Support class at the fundamental level but with an attack as well unlike the Well of Radiance. Below is a picture of what Bungie says the super will look like at this point in time, granted things can change between now and September. 

Walk with me down a very old path known as Elder Scrolls Online. One of my best friends Scar3crow21 plays this game quite often and has always been a spell caster with crazy combos making me feel like a pleb every time we play. However, I want to focus on that staff that the Warlock is holding. In most MMOs, a spell caster is going to be able to launch either an area of effect ability or single target DPS ability I think the same will be said here for our warlock friend. So how does this work? I introduce to you LOCKDOWN.

On activation of this super, the caster will shoot a stasis field/bubble from their staff that will engulf the area in front of them causing all enemies inside to become slowed and encased. This bubble will be transparent as your fireteam will be able to shoot through to cause damage. On the second fire of the super, the warlock will be able to collapse the bubble causing massive damage and shattering everything inside. Now being support super and since Warlocks don’t have a critting super everything within the bubble will be debuffed much like how tether works on the Hunter just in the bubble. 

Reap and Sow

Let’s talk about the Hunter next. As my main class this is one that I am extremely excited about because from the look of it we will finally get a true thrown super that isn’t a one off ability. This to me gives the hunter movement like Spectral blades but the damage potential of a hammer titan. So let’s get down to the details of how I think this super will work.  REAPER Super is on deck 

In the picture above it is plain to see that the hunter has two scythes/axes spinning in each hand. Everything about this super is about stacking damage potential. Upon activation of the Reaper super, the basis of the super is simply to throw the scythes/axes at your enemies to do damage. However, with each direct hit, it will slow the enemy and encase them in stasis. Each Scythe/ax will have a shatter effect like the hammer titan where it can damage multiple targets in close proximity. With each direct hit, you will be stacking damage as the enemy becomes more encased the more each direct hit will damage your target until they shatter causing damage to other enemies around it. This has me super excited if even a fraction of this is true.

Beauty and the Beast of FISTS

Last but not least let’s talk about the titan super. I will be honest with you there is not a lot to go off of for each of these classes but for the titan, there is literally just a picture which I will show you below. This like the others is pure speculation but with zero backings behind it. Hold on tight has I explain the idea behind BALANCE BREAKER Super.

The picture above is the only known thing about this super up to this point on July 6th, 2020.  Upon activation of the super, the titan will spawn two frozen pelted fist. One punch Encasing the follow-up Shatters. The goal is enemy clearing. Punching one enemy will encase them allowing the titan to follow up and shatter them causing others around to become encased and ready for shatter. If a group of enemies is already encased from another ability or a teammate then the titan can shatter them all with a bulldoze ability like a shoulder charge but putting the fist together to shatter the entire group. To me, this super will give titans a brawler type of mentality using what they love the most their fists.

Running to the Finish

Each one of these supers is purely ideas that I have thought about. I do not have any outside sourcing or validity to these ideas. Hopefully, you enjoyed this wild ride through my mind. I want to hear about your ideas about these new supers and especially their grenades, melee, and class abilities of which I have no clue about. Feel free to Jump into our discord at Mulehorn Gaming and follow us on Twitch. For all your Destiny 2 news/Lore there’s no need to fear Und3rdog10 is here for you!

See you all next time!


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