Cross-Play Comes to Overwatch

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Cross-Play is finally making its debut on one of Blizzard’s most successful titles: Overwatch. In its five years of existence, players have only been able to team up with others on the same platform, but that is about to change.

Cross-Play will allow consoles players to, when selected, matchmake with and against other console players, but not with PC players. PC players can team up with console players and will matchmake against other PC and console players. Cross-play can be disabled for console players, yielding matchmaking only on players’ current console, however PC players cannot disable cross-play. The single exception is that competitive play will not offer the ability for PC and console players to team up and queue.

No exact date for cross-play has been provided, but with Overwatch 2 in the near future, an announcement on both that game’s release and cross-play’s debut is likely near.

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