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Carnage is coming… are you ready?  Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s widely popular series Venom has led up to leading the 2019 epic event, Absolute Carnage. “God is coming. And God? God is Carnage.”

Batman trudges the wastelands of Earth with his old pal’s head in a lantern… enter Bane! Elsewhere, will the Batman Who Laughs get the last laugh? Powers of X continues the Dawn of X for the X-Men!  The Paper Girls gather for one final delivery!

Marvel unleashes the Dawn of X, gets nostalgic, and finds a way to bring MCU news from SDCC to its books! The White Knight gets a sequel.  Earth is in ruins…corruption…infection…the world needs a dancing Weatherman to help save it?

House of X and Powers of X due out in the next two weeks will kick off the multi-year vision from Jonathan Hickman to completely overhaul the X-Men universe. The Dawn of X reveal was one of the biggest moments from SDCC 2019!

Comic-Con San Diego is upon us… meanwhile, others will be surfing through the cosmos! Can the man who broke Bruce Wayne once, do it again? The sexiest vampire of all time is turning 50!

The world’s greatest detective calls for backup.  War of the Realms has ended… or has it? Calling all spider-men to beware… CARNAGE IS COMING!

The final chapter has arrived for Batman: Damned, closure or more questions?

Happy 4th of July! This week in comics brings several first issues, more mini-series, and variants galore!  It wouldn’t be 4th of July without a Captain America appearance. Marvel wraps up Uncanny X-Men to make way for House of X and Powers of X. DC introduces a leading lady to her first solo run and plays with zombies. After that last issue of The Walking Dead, where does the series go next?

This week’s releases look to fill your pull box with the end of one of the year’s most controversial DC mini-series, the final chapter in Marvel’s Battle Royale, and a legend continues to troll himself on the road to 300!

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