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After such an amazing launch of Once & Future, Boom! Studios drops Something is Killing the Children #1 one today, which is seeing such great order numbers that it has already gone to 4th print. It is now currently ranked as the highest-selling series debut in Boom’s history. After reading the 1st issue, I can see why.

Spawn #300 is here and the legend has brought some friends with him to celebrate the milestone issue from Image Comics. Remember the heavy-hyped book from DC Comics Doomsday Clock? Well, it’s back… with the penultimate issue as the series nears its final chapter. One of Marvel Comics‘ longest-running female heroes finally gets her due!

One of the things I like about indie comics is that you get stories outside of the Super Hero/Villain Realm. Stories like what we see in Going to the Chapel #1. In the debut issue by Action Lab Comics we see regular people getting caught up in some crazy circumstances that leave you at the page saying, “Ya, I’m in”. Going to the Chapel #1 drops this Wednesday, so take a look at w...

Marvel celebrates its 80th anniversary hot on the heels of the D23 Expo 2019. Absolute Carnage continues with multiple tie-ins, and our beloved X-Men return in House of X this week. Scott Snyder touts the return of the JUSTICE SOCIETY for a pivotal issue in DC’s Justice League. Antarctic Press delivers more scares as THE BUTCHER returns to terrorize the children of Bradford!

This week Horror Comics #2 from Antartic Press, written by Bradley Golden, drops and it’s just as bloody as the first issue. The twist is, the story does not pick up where the first issue left off, but we get an origin story of this Ice-Cream killer this go around.

You read that title right, it’s PRIME TIME!!! Lol, all jokes aside, Morbid Methods is off on vacation with his family, so you’re stuck with me. Congratulations! New Comic Book Day is coming up and the next the Roundup of Comics is here. Indie titles are leading the way once again in my favorite department, aside from Marvel’s two heavy hitters, of course.

Boom Studios upcoming title Something is Killing Children #1 is officially going to 2nd print. This is well before it is meant to be released on September 4th. This is great news, especially for those who, like myself already had this book on their radar!

MadCave Studio’s newest comic, Show’s End #1, hits the shelves for New Comic Book Day today! This carnival, horror title takes you from heartfelt and intriguing, to supernatural and creepy, while following a little runaway girl and a ragtag group of carnies in the 1920’s.

DEAD END KIDS debuted to a sold-out first issue, how can issue #2 possibly follow that?

From Kickstarter success to published debut comic to now in development for a movie, the Leave on the Light comic book is slashing its way through the comic world!

BACK TO BACK SOLD OUT INDIE TITLES are going toe to toe with the majors! Two publishers, one part Hammer, and one part Justice are put in a blender – universes collide. Three major titles continue, while five number ones are introduced.

Paint the town red, Carnage has arrived! Four kids growing up in the ‘90s will test the bonds of friendship with murder, mystery, and danger. One former Lantern is on a quest to kill the gods and he’s not alone.

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