Destiny’s Update: A Road filled with “Triumph”

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Bungie revealed the upcoming update for Destiny in a post titled, “The Road Ahead.” It’s called Age of Triumph, and here’s what we know.

Bungie Destiny The Road Ahead Age of Triumph
Bungie gave its community an answer to the questions, “What’s next?” and “Will we be able to carry over our characters?”
Bungie Destiny The Road Ahead Age of Triumph
The Answer: Well, kind of. Characters will carry over, but won’t be allowed to bring all their stuff with them.

The only thing to carry over to Destiny 2 will be your character design (class, race, gender, face, hair …). Veteran players will be rewarded with what appear to be possible cosmetic items such as emblems and other unknowns. The fresh-start approach for Destiny 2 may have some players feeling unhappy. Those who dove deep into their microtransaction purchases, as far as we know, won’t be allowed to bring any of those items with them.

They have some stuff to reveal on next Wednesday (3/8/17) regarding the update titled The Age of Triumph. The word ‘triumph’ has been used before and most likely points to another playbook to earn some future rewards.

“All characters that have achieved Level 20 and completed the Black Garden story mission will carry forward. We also plan to award those veteran accounts with honors that reflect your Destiny 1 accomplishments.” -Deej
Bungie Destiny The Road Ahead Age of Triumph
Some intriguing bits have already been spotted. The emblem in Bungie’s article is sporting the old raid icons and ships. Some other details are in the wallpaper image of a hunter decked out in new gear. The new gear has elements from all end game content: The chest armor is from Crota’s End, left arm is from Wrath of the Machine, right arm is from Vault of glass, right leg is from Prison of Elders, and the left leg is very robotic looking. The helmet may be something new, but it reminds me of the Trials of Osiris. It blends all of the armor we were so happy to grind for. The background seems to be in Crota’s End. This hopefully means new challenges are on the way and they will revamp the old raids.
Bungie Destiny The Road Ahead Age of Triumph
So, what is it you want to see most in this new content update ahead? Are you going to grind again? Or are you more interested in Destiny 2 than anything else?

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(Bungie Calendar of events)

Age of Triumph Reveal
Wednesday, March 8th

Age of Triumph Weekly Rituals
Wednesday, March 15th

Age of Triumph Sandbox Update
Wednesday, March 22nd

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