Borderlands 3- What we’re up against


In an ongoing effort to ride the hype train all the way to September 13th, I will be tossing even more Borderlands 3 meaty goodness in your faces. Today it’s all about the bad guys that are littering the many worlds we will get to explore in Borderlands 3.


Last week we talked about the new Vault Hunters who we will all be playing on Launch Day (cough, Moze, cough). Today let’s talk a little about what we, as our fearless Vault Hunters, will be facing. From what we’ve seen there are a plethora of enemies to punch, torch, shoot, stomp, and send Mr. Chew after. From beasts to bandits to badasses to the insanely popular Calypso Twins. Gearbox has brought us all manner of fun and interesting enemies that breaks apart from the previous Borderlands games. We’ve got some new and exciting Bandits, some wicked looking beasts and robots among other very vicious looking enemies. I love the flurry of information that Gearbox has given us, and every nugget gets me more and more excited for the 13th of September (T-minus 21 days, y’all!).

More Bandits! No, Really!

When I say more, I mean different bandits. I can’t tell you guys how thrilled I was to see different TYPES of bandits. Us veteran Vault Hunters are so familiar with the same old Bandits, shirtless and strangely ripped guys running around with the iconic bandit mask. They pretty much just came in different flavors, Marauders, Rats, etc. but they were all dudes. Now, I have no problem with that. But when I saw crazed female bandits in the videos there was jumping and fist-pumping. Why? Because us ladies can be bad guys too, right fellas? While I was raised in an era when hitting a girl was a cardinal sin I fully endorse smacking these ladies in the face! So you will find me on Moze gleefully stomping on those female bandits all while feeling pride that I can do so. Gearbox, you’ve made me proud. 

Skags, Rakks, and Strange Cat People, Oh my!

Ok,  those strange cat people are actually called Jabbers. They look sentient and can wield an arsenal at us. I’m going to get a little girly here, so just work with me. They are adorable. I want to play FL4K just to make one love me. I want to take it home, put a collar on it and tell my house cat to GTFO. Skags and Raks we’ve all seen before, but I have a feeling they are keeping some cards up their sleeves on these creatures. With the addition of new and different Bandits, I feel like we are going to see some pretty amazing stuff in the creature department. With the addition of the radiation element, I expect great things. Please, please, please let some radioactive skags ruin our day in a gigantic mushroom cloud. If for no other reason, it sounds like a good time to me. So long as they aren’t rabid I’m happy. I still have nightmares about those things and their relentless attacks.

The Nitty Gritty

As of yet, we haven’t discussed the two masochistic, siren-siphoning elephants in the room. The Calypso twins. Like all Borderlands fans, I wondered how they would handle the aftermath of Handsome Jack. We fought against him in Borderlands 2, and beside him in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. We had to put up with his A.I. in Tales from the Borderlands. Now with him being gone Gearbox has some very dapper shoes to fill. Enter the Twins. I love the idea behind them being twisted influencers. The idea is both exciting and scary at the same time. It speaks to how our society revolves around social media and how some random person has the power to encourage people to buy things, or hate things or make money. Troy and Tyreen went one step further, they encourage their millions of followers to kill. They wield their influence like a big glittery death hammer and I can not wait to take them down. I am hoping for an amazing and difficult boss battle with those two at the end.

Sound off below and let us know what you are hoping for in Borderlands 3.  Until then keep checking back for more goodness here at Mulehorn Gaming and check out the official Mulehorn Discord

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