Borderlands 3 Character Roundup


Borderlands 3’s release is right around the corner so over the next few weeks we will be dropping as much information as we can to whet your appetite! This week we are talking about all the playable Vault Hunters!

Zane the Operative

Zane is of the Flynt family. If that name sounds familiar…well if you played Borderlands 2 you killed one of his cousins, Captain Flynt, the torture-happy, flame-loving, captor of Claptrap. If you played all of the Headhunter DLC then you came in contact with Captain Flynt’s son, Sparky. Those of us who played the first Borderlands may remember killing Baron Flynt. It’s kind of fun to see how or if Zane will comment on the demise of his relatives. I like that after all this time we get the opportunity to play a Flynt instead of just killing them mercilessly. Zane is the only Vault Hunter that can use two different abilities at a time! So Drop that SNTNL drone and teleport away from combat and pick the enemies off at your leisure! You can play around with his skill tree here!

Moze the Gunner 

Moze is a former Vladof soldier turned Vault Hunter. She and her trusty sidekick, Iron Bear, roam the wastes dispatching enemies in a hail of bullets, fire, or explosions. Each of her skill tree abilities has a different physical weapon for Iron Bear, whether it is a shield, a flame thrower, or massive fists that pound the enemies to dust. If you are playing with another Vault hunter they can hitch a ride on Iron Bears back. We don’t know much about Moze’s back story other than what we’ve seen in her video but I am eager to get to know her and decimate everything that stands in my way with the help of good ol’ Iron Bear.  Check out her skill tree here!

Amara the Siren

Amara. We can tick off one more known Siren in the universe. I could write an entire article just on the Siren Lore alone. We’ve seen quite a few Sirens come and go through Borderlands and Borderlands 2. I am really eager to get my hands on this one. The fact that she is a melee-style Siren gets me all a-quiver. I am a huge fan of high risk, high reward gameplay and she seems right up my alley. The artwork of the massive hands and arms are stunning and I think I am kind of in love with Amara, don’t tell my wife. As we’ve seen in her video, her personality is over the top and I love it!  Her skill tree is full of fun, enemy slapping goodness

FL4K the Beastmaster

Fl4k is absolutely, hands down, the fan-favorite right now. They have generated quite a stir as of late with being non-binary. Long story short, Fl4k is a robot. A robot who loves animals and they love them back. This is a first for Borderlands, having multiple companions available to aid you in whacking on the bad guys. The fact that you can pet Mr. Chew is way cool, and I will spend the majority of the game telling Mr. Chew what a good boy he is and loving him so much. Gearbox better give me a Mr. Chew plush that I can cuddle in real life. If not, we riot at dawn. Each of Fl4k’s skill tree centers around their pets (you can choose from 3!) check them out here!

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