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I was finally able to finish my foray into the new Borderlands 2 DLC. I still stand by my original excitement. However, there are a few things I wish we could’ve seen.

Reap What You Sow

Our new antagonist, Hector, was a worthy opponent. There seems to be a theme of villains who want to “save” Pandora or in this case, turn Pandora into a “Paradise”. As we find echoes we begin to learn what is driving Hector to use this gas to change our beloved Bandit planet into a twisted Garden of Eden.

Once again Dahl promises one thing and does another. Hector and his men were promised a post on a paradise planet as a reward for their service. Instead, they are abandoned in the mines of Pandora. Hector is driven to give his men their reward one way or another. Who else could help him but the last surviving Atlas employee, Cassias? If he seems familiar, well, we’ve seen him before in Tales from the Borderlands. Cassias then engineers a gas that transforms the inhabitants of Pandora into angry plant monsters. When Cassias sees the error of his ways Hector infects him with his own gas and we have to put a very disfigured Cassias out of his misery. All the while we are using our own twisted genius, the fan favorite, Tannis is hard at work making an antidote to save one of our own.

commander lillith in borderlands 2

Green Thumbs up

This last DLC was a welcome addition to the saga that is Borderlands 2. I am looking forward to farming bosses for the effervescent rarity guns and saying goodbye to some of my favorite characters. While it was a good launching point for the story that will be Borderlands 3 I feel that there were some missed opportunities. We get to see who makes it off Pandora, and why in Borderlands 3 everyone has dispersed. This is due to the fact that our new Commander, Lilith, directs everyone to go out unto the galaxy and do what vault hunters do best…find vaults. There are some gaping holes left from this DLC to Borderlands 3. Some of which I hope to be answered at the beginning of BL3. What happened to Sanctuary 2? I had held out hope for at least a 10 second instant regret video of something going hilariously wrong. “We never speak of Sanctuary 2” Why? Give us some clue, Gearbox. With all the sexual innuendo in this DLC (Veiny Shaft) you could have at least given us some cringey footage of something blowing up in the vacuum of space. I would have even been happy with a cheesy 80’s montage of them building Sanctuary 3 while electric guitar riffs and synthesized keyboards blare behind them…Something like those old Mentos commercials.

borderlands 2

Two in the Bush

I’m running out of good plant puns here. I really enjoyed this DLC. It had a story, but it was obviously fan service. Borderlands 2 was a HUGE game for Gearbox, and people played it consistently for 7 years. Having this kind of send-off was nice. I just wished for something a touch more. Lead us a little farther to the events that transpire in BL3. Rumors of the twins. Launching Sanctuary 3. Lilith sending out that call for new recruits. More time with Claptrap! You didn’t have to put us on the doorstep of BL3 but being in the same block would have been nice. Here is hoping we get to see some of this in the opening of BL3. However, I did enjoy listening to the echoes found around Pandora giving us tidbits of backstory. I know I’ll be playing Borderlands 3 as soon as it goes live, hell, I even took vacation the week after so I can just immerse myself in the goodness of this amazing “shlooter”.  Did you place through the DLC?  What were your thoughts? Tell us below.

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