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Here we go again with ldycalluna reviewing yet another iteration of Black Desert Online. They’ve gone mobile! Let’s see how it holds up to the PC and Xbox versions.

If you feel a little deja vu I completely understand. BDO released on Xbox in March of 2019. The PS4 version hit the shelves on August 22, 2019. Now they have smothered us with a mobile version! Does it beg to ask, too much too soon? If I am honest, and I like to think I am, releasing so many versions so close together makes me nervous. The PC version was released in 2014. There are 5 years of content to catch up with on the Xbox and PS4 versions. While they may have a roadmap there is so much content missing from Xbox and PS4. I would normally caution against so many releases when you don’t have all the content available across all the releases. However, the mobile version seems to be a different animal altogether. It is NOT the same story as the other releases. 

You wash ashore…

Unlike the beginning of Black Desert Online, your character has lost their memory somehow at sea, you wake up to a gentle ribbing from the Black Spirit about losing your memories AGAIN. This would lead me to believe this may be a bit of a continuation, and I use that term very loosely, of the console and PC versions. All in all, the game feels like BDO and I think that is a very good thing. The story takes a side step from the main versions of the game but it seems to make it more mobile-friendly, more bite-sized quests instead of those long meaty quests you’ll find on PC and console. 

Looking good!

If you expect AAA style graphics on a mobile device you will not be happy with BDO Mobile. Let me be clear, the graphics are not terrible I think they are very well done. I am pleased with the presets available for character creation, and I am thrilled they still have the same level of customization for your character as they do on the main versions. It is a very pretty game, but I foresee some BDO fans being unhappy with the lower level of graphics available. I am playing it on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. The trees look more like something from Minecraft sometimes, but again, this is a phone we are talking about, while they are becoming more and more powerful every day they will not have full PC quality graphics. I love, love, love the look of the characters, while they seem more “cartoony” in quality they are very pleasing to me. 

Voice acting is still the same quality as BDO, that is to say, cheesy. They have the same voice actors in the mobile version that they do in the main versions of the game, which is saying something. I love that Jarette still has the same smug voice as she does in PC and console. Well done for that Pearl Abyss! I don’t play an MMO for the voice acting, I play for the quality of entertainment. Personally, I am pleased with the overall game and gladly, have replaced my daily mobile game with BDO Mobile. (cough, sorry AFK Arena).

You can lead me anywhere!

What I love about the PC and console versions has come to mobile as well! Auto Pathing! I get lost in games, like all the time. Having something there to guide me is super helpful, especially when it is the most adorable form of the Black Spirit just leading you around. Auto Pathing doesn’t happen all the time. There are sections of the game where you can control your own character and I think they put quite a bit of thought into when and how that happens. Mini dungeons do not allow auto pathing, these are areas where lots of enemies will surround you, or you will have to avoid falling rocks. Being on mobile auto pathing is kind of a blessing. Generally, I will play while I am at work (don’t tell my boss!) or maybe while waiting in the checkout line at the store, I don’t want to dedicate a ton of time to find out where I am going so yeah, Black Spirit, please take charge! 

Pay to win?

I’ve seen this complaint quite a lot with this game. However, I don’t see lots of ads or requests to purchase things with real money. To be honest, I am one of those people who will spend real money on games, it is simply my way of supporting the developer of a game I am downloading for free. Quite a few games will bombard you with “Great job, now spend $50 on this thing that will look cool”. I don’t see ads like this in the game. There is a real-money shop that you can buy some neat stuff, some of which, like the outfits, you can’t find anywhere in the game, but you don’t HAVE to buy it. If you like the shiny, then get the shiny, I don’t feel any pressure from this game about this at all. That being said, it IS easier to just buy all the things to make like easier, but you can still earn some pretty cool things in-game with no purchases at all. 

BDO, BDO Everywhere…

PC, PS4, Xbox, now Mobile. You can’t turn around without seeing something about “Become your true self”. I want to believe it is a good thing and there are going to be some amazing things on the horizon for Black Desert Online. Pearl Abyss has had a baller 2019 with all the new platforms for their beloved MMO. It gives me pause to see so many iterations everywhere all in different stages. I hope the console versions get to catch up to the PC version soon, maybe by the end of 2020 they will all be at the same stage in development. Here’s a sad confession for you guys, I play 3 versions of this game… At. The. Same. Time. I am not lying, that is how much I enjoy this game and how addicting it can be! I will be running AFK fishing on my pc, leveling my Mystic on Xbox and working my Witch through dungeons on the Mobile version. I am pretty sure my wife is planning an intervention, but, guys promise me you won’t let her take them away!

Get or Pass?

Get. It is a unique game for mobile and it has a lot of the same heart as BDO. There are a ton of features available, including camp building. You can build and upgrade your camp to produce things for you while you are going about your day. There are mounts, though, I am not sure if they are as involved as the main versions of the game. I’ve dabbled a bit with gathering and I am planning on doing alchemy if it is available. There are currently only 3 servers for the game and everything is server-dependent, meaning if you have a friend on Mediah and you play on Kaia you will not be able to friend each other. Any bonus rewards you may get in the game will be server bound and you have to create new characters for each server. So I can’t take my Witch to play on another server, which is a little disheartening. I am hoping there will be more servers soon, as they are always packed and it can make doing quests a little harder than usual. Overall if you are looking for a new mobile game to keep you occupied, take a gander over here! As always give us your thoughts on discord or twitter. See you in-game!

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