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With Battlefield V’s Firestorm battle royale mode releasing last week,  many people are wondering if was worth the wait. The honest answer may not be as clear as a simple yes or no…Overview

With a gaming market that has honestly become over-saturated with battle royale (BR) themed games and modes featured in AAA games. It can be hard to imagine another one coming out and feeling different. The great part is that Firestorm does somehow look and feel different from its competitors. With its trademark visuals, WW2 period weapons, and destructibility this game definitely stands out from its competitors. There is no better feeling than knowing someone is camping somewhere and not having to figure out how to enter the building to get them. Just blow the building up or drive through it with a tank.


  • Incredible visuals. The Frostbite engine helps make this one of, if not, the prettiest BR game to play
  • Tons of loot. With a ton of guns, armor, and gadgets there is plenty to offer in the way of tools to use.
  • A nice variety of vehicles. Not only can you feel powerful driving around in a tank but there are amphibian jeeps that take you from land to water and back.
  • Destructibility.  Just like in BF V’s other game modes, walls, fences and even whole buildings can be destroyed.


  • Minimal inventory. The space for your loot is very tight even with the highest tier backpack.
  • Lens flares. One of the visual aspects of the game that can enrage you is the sun’s ability to almost completely block your view will aiming down the scope.
  • Intermittent Combat. The game can feel like the latest running simulator with fights sprinkled in.
  • Hit detection. There will be plenty of times you will have the upper hand in a gunfight only to have the bullets dance around the other player. This makes gunfights feel more like a luck fight.

Final Thoughts

Firestorm has a much slower and more methodical approach to game play when compared to something like Call of Duty’s Black Out™ or Apex Legends™. This inherently is not a bad thing fans of other BR games and even BFV veterans may find this off-putting. For many fans of the series, it is the frantic big battle pace that really gets people hooked into the action. Firestorm reminds me a lot of PUBG in its early and mid-game phases. You land,  scramble for a weapon, hopefully survive your first fight, then run constantly to the next circle. You may also come across someone else but more often than not, the next team you see is in the final circle and there’s a solid chance that they are just going to bomb it with air support and win.

If you were on the fence waiting to buy the game, save your money or try it with the EA Access™ on Xbox or PC. If you have the game already and want to get the most out of your purchase, go give it a try. As it is with many battle royale games, Firestorm will either have fans who love it or people yearning for more from it. Although I enjoy the game, I will only play it with my online buddies and will gladly opt for something else if given the choice.

I am a game designer and 3D modeler that graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Former pro gamer. Now I stream games and write. I am also a veteran of the U.S. Army and father of 3.

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