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This Weekend in Destiny 7/31

It’s another week down in the Destiny universe and this week’s edition will be way shorter than some other editions. I am still gathering information and working on an idea called Supers 2.0 to show how Stasis will be the stepping stone we need to see a major change to supers and abilities after Beyond Light. That is for another day so let’s get into Xur and Trials loot!

This Weekend in Destiny 7/24/20

Welcome back guardians to another weekend full of news and updates in Destiny 2! I hope you are ready as we are going to take a quick peek into the stasis reveal trailer and point out some things that others may have missed. Also what effect will stasis have on the game? Freeze tag crucible is in our future! Xur and Trials are also in here so let’s get to it! 

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Stasis and Gamepass Reveal!

Guardians, huge news hit the feeds today during the Xbox Game Reveal as we got our first look at new abilities and supers for Beyond Light. Also, quite possibly the biggest news of all is that Beyond light will be on Game Pass in November!

This Weekend in Destiny

Welcome back to another edition of This Weekend in Destiny! This week was full of interesting news and updates! We are going to look at the effects of the delay to Beyond Light, the Moments of Triumph update, and of course Xur and all of the goods that the weekend brings! Let’s dive into the info!

This Weekend in Destiny 7/11/20

Welcome back, Guardians. This weekend in Destiny is returning to the MHG page! In this article I hope to cover the weekly  Destiny 2 highlights, Trials Map/Gear awarded, and Xur weapons/Armor. This one is going to be filled to the brim with content so let’s do this!  

Darkness Supers Theory

If you are like me as a Destiny hardcore player you have been thinking about Beyond Light coming this fall since it was announced. With it comes new gear, a new explorable space in Europa and the best thing of all new supers! This will be the biggest shake-up in the destiny sandbox in Destiny 2 history. The new super/damage type will be stasis a freeze/time-based subclass with new abilities. All t...

This Weekend in Destiny 11/15

Welcome, back Guardians! This is another edition of This Weekend in Destiny (TWID) where we take the TWAB and break down the biggest storylines that come from it. Also looking for Xur? We have you covered there as well. Change is on the horizon as a new dawn approaches in Destiny 2! Let’s get to it!

This Weekend in Destiny

Hello everyone! My name is Und3rdog10 and we are going to do something new on our Destiny page starting today! We will be giving you a quick glance at the highlights of the “This Week at Bungie” (TWAB) and Xur’s inventory all at once! There is a lot to go over so let’s get started!

Xur Inventory 8/23

Ever wondered what would happen if Xur had the Infinity gauntlet? Me too. I feel like he would either shower us with loot or just decide to wipe out all of our exotics and make us start over again…Either way enough shenanigans Xur is here and he comes bearing another Annual pass exotic!     

Xur Inventory – 8/16

Xur is back! Back again! Tell a Friend! Welcome back Guardians to our weekly discussion and preview of Xur’s inventory. This week we have a surprise addition to the loot table in the form of an Annual Pass exotic! Let’s dive in and take a look at his wares.  

Xur Inventory 8/9

Guardians Xur has returned to our solar system and he comes bearing gifts! I am beginning to think our space friend has adopted the personification of Santa Clause these past two weeks giving us some really good rolls on things! I am personally excited about this week’s rolls so let’s dive in and take a look at what Santa Xur has for us this week!  

Xur Inventory 8/2

Welcome back, Guardians! Xur is back and man did he bring the goods with him this week! I am excited about my Hunter piece but Titans, you won the week! I really hope that Bungie makes exotics with these enhanced perks in mind as more frequent drops come October! Enough rambling, let’s get to these fantastic exotics this week! 

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