Thaddeus, also known in the interwebs and socialverse as ThaddeusPrime or TPrime. From Atari to XboxOne, gaming has been in my blood. I'm a beardsman, father of twins, and sarcasmsmith. Whether it be slinging gif's (not jifs) or podcasting game talk, it's always PRIME TIME!

Pax South 2019 – Days Gone Gameplay

PlayStation was kind enough to allow us to capture some gameplay of the upcoming PlayStation exclusive, Days Gone. The game is set to release on April 26, 2019.

E3 2018 – Capcom Delivers with Resident Evil 2 Remake

20 years ago, the original Resident Evil 2 launched and soon became a fan favorite for all of the Resident Evil Franchise. At E3, Capcom revealed to us a new Resident Evil 2!

Ghost of Tsushima – E3

The next open-world adventure, Ghost of Tsushima, by Sucker Punch Productions shows of a new gameplay trailer with its beautiful environment and wonderfully fluid gameplay.  This is the Samurai Game you have been looking for.

Last of Us 2 new trailer! – E3

The long-awaited trailer for The Last of Us 2 was revealed today.  The visuals look upgrades and, combat and action is very reminiscent of the 1st one but looks a lot more fluid this time. I can only imagine how the story will deliver as well once we get the full title.

New Marvel’s Spider-man Trailer – E3

Insomniac Games showed off a great new trailer for Marvel’s Spiderman! It is beautiful, action-packed, and so fun to see our favorite web-slinger, Peter Parker, sling webs and kick butt!

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – E3

Ubisoft shows off their new trailer for the next chapter in the Assassin’s Creed World.  Odessey takes you deep into the world of ancient Greece, with myth and legend!

Skull and Bones hits the high seas with a new trailer – E3

Ubisoft’s Pirate Game Skull & Bones gets a new cinematic trailer today from E3!  Time to get your pirate on!

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Gamepaly trailer

Beyond Good & Evil 2 has new trailer straight from E3. We get a better glimpse into this upcoming epic space adventure, with a ragtag space pirate crew!

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Gameplay Reveal – E3

Eidos Montréal shows off some amazing Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay at E3. Lara has more moves and stellar combat to take the baddies in the wilds.  As fun as the last title was, I can’t wait to dive into this one!

Just Cause 4 Gameplay shown off at E3

In Just Cause 4, Rico Rodriguez is back in Square Enix’s largest and most intense open world yet. From Rico’s grappling hook to the number of vehicles and mayhem, this is bound to be one crazy and explosive ride!

Rage 2 Gameplay video show at E3

Rage 2 gets a solid gameplay video shown off at E3 and it is full fo crazy raging action! I looks like Bethesda took the death dealing mayhem of Doom and married it with the post apocolyptic world of Fallout.

New Wolfenstein game announced at E3

Wolfenstein Youngblood is Bethesda’s new venture in Nazi territory to kick ass for freedom! This time you play as the twin daughters of B.J. Blazkowicz in a new co-op mode that takes place in the 1980’s, in Nazi-occupied Paris.

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