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Midnight Suns Trailer just dropped, and it’s FIRE!

What seems like out of nowhere Marvel and 2k studios dropped a trailer for an upcoming game called Midnight Suns!

Pax South 2020 – Interview with Doomtrooper Developer Justin Reynard

Doomtrooper was one of the few games that REALLY stood out to me from Pax South this year. The artwork is what caught my eye initially. The trailer playing on the monitor held me, but it was talking to Justin Reynard, the developer, that sold me.

Pax South 2020 – Zombie Army 4 Dead War

Check out this awesome 4 player co-op Zombie game called Zombie Army 4, which is set to come out in February. Check out the interview and some of the trailer above.

Something is Killing the Children #1 Review

After such an amazing launch of Once & Future, Boom! Studios drops Something is Killing the Children #1 one today, which is seeing such great order numbers that it has already gone to 4th print. It is now currently ranked as the highest-selling series debut in Boom’s history. After reading the 1st issue, I can see why.

Going to the Chapel #1 by Action Lab – Review

One of the things I like about indie comics is that you get stories outside of the Super Hero/Villain Realm. Stories like what we see in Going to the Chapel #1. In the debut issue by Action Lab Comics we see regular people getting caught up in some crazy circumstances that leave you at the page saying, “Ya, I’m in”. Going to the Chapel #1 drops this Wednesday, so take a look at w...

Horror Comics #2 by Antarctic Press – Review

This week Horror Comics #2 from Antartic Press, written by Bradley Golden, drops and it’s just as bloody as the first issue. The twist is, the story does not pick up where the first issue left off, but we get an origin story of this Ice-Cream killer this go around.

New Blair Witch Game trailer from Gamescom 2019

The Bloober team just dropped a new and terrifying trailer for the upcoming Blair Witch Game at Gamescom, and I could not be more excited for this game!  Horror games are one of my favorite genres, and I love adrenaline rush these games give.

Prime’s Picks Comic Roundup 8/21/19

You read that title right, it’s PRIME TIME!!! Lol, all jokes aside, Morbid Methods is off on vacation with his family, so you’re stuck with me. Congratulations! New Comic Book Day is coming up and the next the Roundup of Comics is here. Indie titles are leading the way once again in my favorite department, aside from Marvel’s two heavy hitters, of course.

Something is Killing Children #1 to 2nd Print!

Boom Studios upcoming title Something is Killing Children #1 is officially going to 2nd print. This is well before it is meant to be released on September 4th. This is great news, especially for those who, like myself already had this book on their radar!

Show’s End #1 by MadCave Review

MadCave Studio’s newest comic, Show’s End #1, hits the shelves for New Comic Book Day today! This carnival, horror title takes you from heartfelt and intriguing, to supernatural and creepy, while following a little runaway girl and a ragtag group of carnies in the 1920’s.

Leave on the Light by Antarctic Press – Comic Review

From Kickstarter success to published debut comic to now in development for a movie, the Leave on the Light comic book is slashing its way through the comic world!

Pax South 2019 – Days Gone Gameplay

PlayStation was kind enough to allow us to capture some gameplay of the upcoming PlayStation exclusive, Days Gone. The game is set to release on April 26, 2019.

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