Ryno 666

RYNO aka RIP YOU a NEW ONE, audiophile, aka 666 number of the beat's, Destiny lore fanatic, halo obsessed, Prop builder, Cosplayer /405th.com member, and Jack of all trades. Husband, Father, and tireless thinker!

Destiny Lore: Auto Rifle Extremophile 011

  Extremophile: “extreme love” an organism that survives best in extreme conditions, where normal life would die.  From Another World In Astrobiology: Panspermia is the distribution of nature, and spread of life throughout our universe. Comets could very well be the intergalactic spaceships that delivered our very own life on this planet. These “space buses” are capabl...


Hi guys RYNO here. I am an active member of the 405th.com and we have the most beautiful works of art created daily on our site. Most of us have never even had training in many of the crafts or skills that are used on our site daily. Many of us are learning to do the very basics of Prop building and working with media unfamiliar to even some of the Elite Cosplayers.  Most of us are noobs and would...

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