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RYNO aka RIP YOU a NEW ONE, audiophile, aka 666 number of the beat's, Destiny lore fanatic, halo obsessed, Prop builder, Cosplayer /405th.com member, and Jack of all trades. Husband, Father, and tireless thinker!

What the Heck is a Wardcliff Coil?

You may have been wondering: What in the world was the inspiration behind that strange microphone-shaped rocket launcher in Destiny 2? Well, it’s safe to say the Wardcliff Coil’s design comes from Wardenclyffe Tower A.K.A. Tesla Tower. Built by Nikola Tesla, it was an attempt to prove his experiment, a wireless power transmission system.

The League of Extraordinary Guardians: Destiny 2’s Hidden Lore

The dust has settled after the Destiny 2 beta, yet we are still discovering new mysterious hints and lore that may unlock future story events ahead. With Grimoire pulled from the game it looks as if we may be scouting the wilds for clues and it may be up to us to find the story. Join me as we investigate how the infamous Captain Nemo may have left his mark in Destiny 2.

Halo 6 Speculation: Where are you?

343 Industries has been hard at work creating Halo 6, but don’t expect to see it in the near future.

Destiny 2 – Bungie Reveals New Classes, Planets, and Features

Forging a New Era for Destiny Bungie lit up the stage with their Destiny 2 reveal stream. This first look at Destiny 2 gameplay gives us the lowdown on the new area we have access to on Earth, called the European Dead Zone. Seasoned players will know this as the location of the Widow’s Court crucible map in PvP. There are also three brand new locations to explore: Titan, Io, and Nessus.

The Fates of Destiny – How Greek Mythology Inspired Bungie

Did you know Destiny is also known as the Fates in Greek mythology?

Interview with Andrew DFT – Master Cosplay and Prop Builder

Across the world in a country called New Zealand lives a master cosplay/prop builder. His talent, skill and ability are unparalleled. Andrew Cook AKA Andrew DFT is a pioneer in prop making. He has labored for many years, honing his craft in a specific media. He is a gaming fanatic, dedicated to building away some of the most unbelievable props. This self described “Kiwi” has developed ...

Destiny 2 Trailer Breakdown and Images

The Destiny 2 hype Train has officially begun barreling full steam ahead down the tracks, fueled by the massive community and Activision’s marketing team.

Destiny Age of Triumph – Weekly Rituals

The Destiny Age of Triumph stream just brought us closer to what we will soon be diving into this March 28th. Destiny’s “Weekly Ritual” reveal steam unveiled some interesting details concerning our Strikes, Story playlist, Crucible and Prison of Elders playlists.

Destiny’s Update: A Road filled with “Triumph”

Bungie gave it's Community an answer to the questions, "What's next?" and "Will we be able to carry over characters?" Well kind of. Players characters will carry over but won't be allowed to bring all their stuff with them.

Destiny Lore: Symmetry Between Thanatonauts

Thanatonauts: is a blend of greek words “thanatos (thanato-)” and “nautes (-naut)”meaning “death voyager.” Think of this example: An astronaut exploring death instead of space.

Elite Cosplay by Peter the “Thinker”

“Up and coming.” That’s a term used to describe this month’s cosplay/prop builder. There’s no shortage of talent, skill and rising ability with this eccentric Sangheili prop builder. Capt. Half-jaw is a Halo fanatic, tinkering away with many hrs building some of the coolest props. He’s an “Elite Elite”.

Destiny’s Faction Lore and The Russian Civil War

So I started down a road when researching for one of my latest Lore cards. I’ve been working on these for quite some time and have 90 percent of the armory in Destiny defined. I spend countless hours researching each item and finding their relevance within the world of Destiny.

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