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Horizon Zero Dawn on PC

Today Guerrilla Games finally announced that their hit title would be making its PC debut on August 7, 2020, on Steam. PC gamers have been waiting for the official date announcement for some time since finding out the beloved PS4 title would be transitioning to PC earlier this year. Steam has also announced the game can be pre-ordered and for how much.

The Waylanders Early Access

The Waylanders is an upcoming RPG that Mulehorn Gaming was given early access to by the developers at Gato Studio. I’ve played a bit of the game and think that this title has an opportunity to garner a decent player base. There’s opportunity for character creation, character race and class, and specialized combat – three pieces that warm any RPG fan’s heart.

Night City Wire Episode 1

Today at 12:00pm Eastern time, CD Projekt Red launched its first entry of the Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire Livestream. In this livestream, viewers were given a new trailer and some gameplay, as well as other Cyberpunk content to look forward to. These demonstrations answered some questions for fans anxiously awaiting the launch, now in November 2020, but it also left fans wanting more to.

Mixer Transitions to FacebookGaming

This afternoon at approximately 2:30pm Eastern, Mixer announced that the platform is ceasing operations and is transitioning to being part of FacebookGaming. Mixer’s transition to FacebookGaming is full of a lot of unknowns and sadness for those dedicated to the site. This came as a shock to the streaming industry across all platforms, coming after a weekend already aflame with a roller coas...

Rad Reviews: Ghost of Tsushima Preview

The Playstation’s State of Play focused on its upcoming exclusive title, “Ghost of Tsushima.” The preview highlighted open-world gameplay, combat styles, RPG elements, and ways for players to immerse themselves into the Island of Tsushima. I watched the preview and have some thoughts on the information received today.

A Trilogy on the Horizon

When Horizon: Zero Dawn was announced at E3’s 2015 PlayStation press conference, many familiar with successful gaming titles had their interest piqued. When it was a wildly successful Early Spring title in 2017, there was immediate interest in a sequel. It’s never been a secret that a sequel would be delivered, but recently it was announced that Guerilla Games is not only developing a sequel but p...

Marvel’s Disney+ Debut

Mid-Way through 2019, we learned that the not-yet-released Disney+ would be producing a number of Marvel shows, including “WandaVision,” “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” and “Loki.” These shows will take place in the Marvel Universe, and will add to the expanding stories that the famed Marvel Movies have brought up since the late 2000s. On Superbowl Sunday, Disney+ gave us our first looks at t...

Mass Effect: Adventum

Ah, Mass Effect. A game series that has found its way into animation, books, comics, and most importantly, our hearts. It has also found its way into tabletop RPGs, including one that is in the form of a podcast, produced by the team members of Hyper RPG. I stumbled upon Mass Effect: Adventum, and was blown away by the immersive production, lovable characters, and gripping story. I listen almost d...

Rad Reviews: Netflix’s The Witcher

My introduction to The Witcher franchise came in the form of the 2015 masterpiece, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I bought it on sale during the Winter Sale on Xbox, and like all the other RPGs that live in the depths of my soul forevermore, Witcher 3 nestled in there nicely. When Netflix announced it was making a television adaption, my heart leaped. After months of casting announcements, pressers, an...

7 Wishes for N7Day

N7Day is a long-standing tradition in the gaming world, specifically to those who are loyal to the Mass Effect community. We are a solid group, many strong, looking for something to give us hope that Mass Effect’s universe hasn’t been forgotten in the wake of Mass Effect: Andromeda and the lack of new content. There are things BioWare, Mass Effect’s developer, could do to give its fans some love o...

Xur Inventory 9/27

Guardians big and small, it’s time for this week’s Xur inventory. This is the last Xur visit before Shadowkeep officially launches on Tuesday, 10/1. This post will give you updates on his inventory and other Xur changes coming with the Shadowkeep release.

Xur Inventory 9/13

With Shadowkeep on the horizon, Xur has returned to provide us with some wares. Be sure to always take a look at his inventory to see if he has something you need for your collection, or maybe that perfect roll on your favorite armor to add that extra OP touch you’ve been looking for. Take a look at our rundown of Xur’s inventory to decide if he has what’s right for you.

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