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Destiny 2 – Community Summit, Warmind Expansion, and new Roadmap

Destiny created a vibrant community and was able to support a large number of hardcore fans. Destiny 2 started strong with a good campaign but fell short on important long-term components like the endgame grind and loadout customization. Bungie, the studio behind Destiny, recently held a Community Summit which some hopeful fans feel maybe a significant turning point going into the game’s Warmind e...

Destiny 2 – 2018 Development Update

Game Director Christopher Barrett and the Destiny Dev Team released the long-awaited Destiny 2 Development Update which provides the community with information on where Bungie will take the franchise over the next year. The update was comprehensive, transparent, contained a number of exciting new features, and acknowledges the issues with Eververse. While many things still need to be described in ...

The Star Wars Reading Universe – How to Get Started

Things in the Star Wars universe have calmed down a bit after last year’s release of the motion picture Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the Star Wars: Battlefront II video game. But, Star Wars fever really never dies down for fans. Perhaps you loved The Last Jedi and Battlefront II and want more Star Wars stories expanding on the movie and game? Maybe the movie and game left you disappointed, and you...

The Evolution of Destiny 2 – The Curse of Osiris and More!

Destiny 2 released on PC October 24 and has received rave reviews. From the buttery, uncapped frames to the super fun PvP sandbox, Destiny looks and feels great on PC. But, the endgame issues that plague consoles are looming for PC players as well. Bungie recently released news on the Live Team plans, general updates, and upcoming DLC which paints a road map for steady and constant improvement.

The Seasons of Destiny 2 – More to Earn & Enhanced Endgame

Destiny 2 guardians are struggling to find purpose in the game’s endgame content. Bungie has referred to seasons throughout the first few months of the game. With the game finally launching on PC, Bungie recently provided more information on these seasons while broadcasting from TwitchCon. They also provided information on a few new things to look forward to from the Live Team.

Destiny 2 – New Ways to Play

Destiny 2 has been out for almost a month and guardians have been busy exploring the story, new worlds, the Leviathan raid, and Trials of the Nine. Destiny’s hardcore community members have long since hit the power level cap, and many avid players have expressed dissatisfaction with the static weapon rolls, simplified armor, and lack of endgame grind. At the extreme opposite end of the spectrum, c...

Destiny 2 – A Week One Review

Destiny 2 released on September 6, 2017, and since then millions of guardians have looted new planets, discovered new (and old) exotics, and regained their light. While compliments are abound, and criticisms are blessedly few (‘shader-gate’ being one of the largest complaints) we have not had much time to experience the end-game, and there is still a raid to explore. This review explor...

MHG Podcast EP 83: E3 – Microsoft Press Conference Leaks and Predictions

Hot damn! E3 is right around the corner, and we are excited! We’re so excited, in fact, that we’re dedicating this whole podcast to it. Actually, that’s not true… Let me clarify.

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