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Games With Gold – Free Games For February

It's that time of the month again when we are gearing up to see the released free games with Games with Gold. Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) revealed the titles via twitter for the up coming month.

Play Mass Effect Andromeda Early With EA Access

As we near the release date of March 21, Mass Effect Andromeda fans get even more exciting new. Well, exciting new for you if you are a Xbox One or PC player with EA or Origin Access.

MHG EP 67: Tom Taylorson – Voice of Scott Ryder in Mass Effect Andromeda

MHG EP 67: Tom Taylorson – Voice of Scott Ryder in Mass Effect Andromeda Recorded on Thursday, January 12, 2017.

Andromeda Initiative Third Video – Tempest and Nomad Briefing

A new Mass Effect Andromeda Initiative video has been released by Bioware. Make sure you log in and watch the video here so that you can unlock the exclusive Pathfinder helmet.

Dragon Age: Origins Now Available On Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

As a surprise to us all Bioware made an announcement for Xbox One players today via twitter.

Mass Effect Andromeda – Early Access for EA Access Members

Mass Effect fans have been patiently waiting for a release date for Bioware. Last week we finally get more information and confirmation that March 21 is the day of all days for Andromeda followers. Hold on tight as more good news is coming for EA Access members with news of early access.

Scalebound – No longer in development

At Gamescom 2016 Scalebound made an impression on many gamers. Sadly, news has recently come out about the development of the game.

Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date and Breakdown of Gameplay Video

The hype train for Mass Effect Andromeda is still chugging along. Gamers are now armed with a release date and a new gameplay video they can salivate over for the next few months. Being a big Bioware fan it only seems natural to give this a closer look; so let's dive in!

Star Wars Battlefront – Rogue One Scarif DLC

Star Wars Battlefront will be releasing another DLC, now it's fourth one. The three previous DLC's included Outer Rim, Bespin, Death Star, and now Scarif. Below is the trailer.

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Overview and Tips

It accrued to me as we got news on N7 day that Mass Effect 2 and 3 will be backwards compatible that more people will be joining in on the epic adventures and fun of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. So, why not give the masses some tips on how to run a few characters and a basic overview for all you new players?

Mass Effect Andromeda – What You May Have Missed

Let the hype continue. We saw at E3 the highly anticipated release date for Mass Effect Andromeda. It has be teased by a potential leak of the release date back in June. We saw on Amazon that the date is March 31, 2017; however, this may just be a placeholders date as well.


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