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MHG Warzone Custom Games!

Calling on all Warzone players! We need you! This is a trial run. We need at lest 28 people who sign up. Squads of 4 people and at least 7 teams. MHG is wanting to host more tournament style games for Warzone and hopefully Apex Legends in the future. This is our first attempt at a friendly tournament. The champion gets bragging rights. RULES:  7 teams w/ 4 squadmates Only people in the MHG Discord...

Sea of Thieves E3 Reveal & Update | Mule Reacts With Community

WOW, I am really impressed with what Rare has been doing with Sea of Thieves. The fact they got Disney on board and now we have Pirate of the Caribbean coming THIS MONTH! That is beyond exciting! Rare has been really keeping this game rolling! Check out Mule’s reaction with other community members.

Battlefield 2042 E3 Pre-Alpha Footage | Mule Reacts With Community

E3 is here! Check out the latest pre-alpha footage from the newest game by DICE. Battlefield 2042! I can’t wait to try this game out. It looks EPIC! Watch as Mule reacts with other community members in our discord.

Halo Infinite Trailer and Multiplayer Trailer | Mule Reacts With Community

E3 is here! Join us as we live react to the latest Halo Infinite Trailer and Multiplayer Trailer. Needless to say I am SUPER excited to play this game and dive back into some Halo. I got chills watching the game trailer and the multiplayer looks fast paced and fun!

DICE Reveals Battlefield 2042! Official Reveal Trailer

We finally get to fest our eyes on the reveal of Battlefield 2042, and I can say I am very impressed with what I see so far. Battlefield is returning with updated multiplayer modes featuring Conquest, Breakthrough, and the new Hazard Zone. All while supporting 128 players. Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter that marks the return to the iconic all-out warfare of the franchise. Adapt and ove...

Jedi Knight Revan Robes & Voice Mod | Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

I just discovered these to mods for Jedi Fallen Order on PC and WOW! This combination of mods are right on spot. I will have a link for each one below. It is the Jedi Revan rather than the Darth Revan robes and a voice mod that is similar to Kylo Ren effect or masked effect. Check out the video, I think the mods really make the game even better! Darth Revan and Jedi Knight robes Mod Voice Mod

Mass Effect Legendary Edition | Character Creation, Review, And Gameplay

I want to thank the EA Game changer program for providing me with a code to play Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Check out this video as we got some of my thoughts on the character creator in Mass Effect, the updates made on the Legendary Edition, a short review of Mass Effect, and some gameplay! I am now starting my playthrough of Mass Effect 2 and also hope to have videos out on that as well. Rem...

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