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Marvel Loki | Official Trailer

Loki’s time has come. And so has the Time Keepers. Watch the brand-new trailer for LOKI, which is set to release on Disney+ June 11th.

MHG Podcast Network

MHG Podcast Network Check out all our podcast like The Analog Assault Podcast and The Bendu Podcast! Analog Assault – A Video Game Podcast. We are your destination for video game opinions, news, movies, and general geekery. Listen to us on Spotify, iTunes or your prefered platform You can watch us live every Thursday at 8:30PM CST on Twitch or catch up on the live versions of the podcast on our yo...

Why Didn’t Bo-Katan Take The Darksaber? | The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale

So, something that has been bugging me a little bit about the season finale is the whole part about Bo-Katan and the Darksaber. For those of us who watched the Star Wars animated show, Rebels, we saw her take it from Sabin Wren. So, why wouldn’t she just take it from Din? I have a theory I wanted to share with you all. What do you think? (I also realized I said Sabine fought on Mandalore but...

More Star Wars Video Games?

BIG news Star Wars fans! We had a ton of information drop on the new TV shows and movies coming to the Star Wars universe, BUT no one seems to be talking about this information. Lots more Star Wars video games? I CAN’T WAIT!

Dave Filoni Confirms Ahsoka Rebels Scene Timeline?

Some breaking news confirmed by Dave Filoni. This could be a big deal. Could the scene at the end of Rebels with Ahsoka in white actually be after the time Mandalorian takes place?

Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 5 Review

The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 5 review. SPOILERS! Holy smokes what an amazing episode! They nailed it for Ashoka. And oh man the references! What does this mean? Are we going to see Ezra? And Thrawn! I can’t wait till next Friday!

The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 4 Review

This was a great episode of the Mandalorian and Carl Weathers did a great job of directing this one. Lots of action and world-building. I can’t wait to see Ashoka. We got to see a lot of great detail including Dark Troopers, and seeing failed strandcasts of Snoke? SO MUCH!

Why The Mandalorian Never Takes Off His Helmet?

I’ve been reading through the new Star Wars book ironically called The Star Wars Book. In it is a section called “Keepers of The Way”. It gives us some great insight into why Din Djarin or The Mandalorian never takes off his helmet. Check it out!

Hidden Mandalorian Bases? Will we see this in The Mandalorian Season 2?

I’ve been re-watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels and forgot about this part in Season 2 of Rebels. Do you think this could be the way they will connect Din and Ashoka Tano together in future episodes in The Mandalorian Season 2?

Who is Bo Katan in The Mandalorian?

SPOILERS! Season 2 episode 3 of The Mandalorian is out and Mule gives us a condensed history of The Mandalorians, Darth Maul, and why Bo Katan is so important.

Rogue Company Ranked and New Rogue Fixer

Rogue Company is releasing a new Rogue called Fixer and an update to a new game mode, Ranked! Take a look as Mule goes through the new rogue and Ranked information. Full patch notes here.

Star Was Squadrons First Look – Gameplay

Thank you to EA and the EA Game Changer program for providing us a code to play Star Wars Squadrons. In this video I give you a first look at some of the gameplay in the new Star Wars Squadrons game. Star Wars Squadrons is cross-play and officially releases 10-2-2020. Enjoy!

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