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Outriders Pyromancer Reveal – Mule Reacts

In this video Mule checks out the latest live stream from Outriders. Set to release this holiday. The stream showcases the Pyromancer class and gives us a deep dive into the skills and skill tree. Mule discusses with the community as we watch together.

Where will Ninja and Shroud go to stream? Facebook Gaming? Twitch? Youtube?

During the latest Analog Assault Podcast we discussing the closing of Mixer and what that would mean for Ninja and Shroud. The mules discuss where they think Ninja and Shroud will go while discussing Gothalion’s move to Facebook gaming.

Analog Assault Podcast EP 98: Racism, Sexual Harassment, and Mixer closing up shop.

In this episode of the Analog Assault Podcast, we talk about all the craziness going on in the gaming industry, how it affects us. We also discuss Mixer closing, where Shroud and Ninja might land and our excitement for Cyberpunk 2077!  

Apex Legends Crossplay & Mobile Respawn Beacons – EA PLAY 2020 Reveal

This video is brought to you by the EA GAME CHANGER program. In this video Mule goes over some of the big reveals from the EA PLAY LIVE 2020 event. The biggest takeaway from what we saw is crossplay. This is a big big deal. If EA is moving toward embracing cross for all their games this is a big step forward.

EA PLAY 2020 – Mule And Friends React

In this video Darklife, Thatmummarocks, Scarecrow, and Mule watch the 2020 EA PLAY presentation and react. Check out their reactions as they watch some of the new information released from EA. PSA sorry for some of the technical difficulties early on in the video.

Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon – First Look

Watch as Mule is carried by fellow youtuber iGame and Twitch streamer Shaky22 for his first time entering in the new Destiny 2 dungeon. I really enjoyed the Prophecy Dungeon and can’t wait to get some of that armor to drop! You can watch us live on Twitch:

Closer Look at Solar Purge

Take a look this awesome indie game called Solar Purge. Mule jumped into the game with some of the developers and gives us a first look. Blow away everything in your path in this 4 player co-op, sci-fi, twin-stick shooter! Explore huge worlds, level up your characters, defeat giant bosses, and discover the mystery of Nova Genesis! Follow Solar Purge on Twitter: Join ...

Analog Assault Podcast EP 97: Digital Art With Guest Yung Khan and Destiny 2 Reveal

In this episode of the Analog Assault Podcast we talk with Twitch streamer, and digital artist Yung Khan. We also talk a little Destiny 2 reveal! Follow Khan on Twitter:   MulehornGaming on www.twitch.tvBecome a supporter: Mulehorn Gaming on the Web: Mulehorn Gaming on Facebook: https://www.fa...

Analog Assault Podcast (Video Version) EP 97 W/ Yung Khan!

Welcome, to the Analog Assault Podcast EP 97. In this episode, we talk with Twitch streamer, and digital artist Yung Khan. We also talk a little Destiny 2 reveal! Follow Khan on Twitch here: Watch us live every Thursday at 830PM CST Follow us on Twitter Join our discord:

Insomniac Games Clears The Air On New Spider-Man Miles Morales Reveal

The PlayStation 5 reveal came out with a bang. It showed Spider-Man fans a reason to get excited, Miles Morales. If you missed the reveal trailer check it out below. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game, and especially with it being billed as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, which gives me a reason to be even more excited to see it running with the new PlayStation 5 hardware. After the massive suc...

Star Wars: Squadrons Leaked On Xbox Website

I stumbled upon this today while visiting the Xbox website. It seems that Xbox has leaked a new Star Wars game. Uhhhhhh @Xbox 🤔#xbox #Starwars — MHG 💥 (@MulehornGaming) June 12, 2020 When I clicked on the pre-order now link it takes you to a page unknown. This is what you get when you click on the pre-order link &md...

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