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Marvel’s Avengers Takes Aim at the Future

Coming into the fall launch season of 2020, Marvel’s Avengers was primed to make a pretty substantial splash in the gaming space. After a somewhat buggy release and an overly repetitive gameplay loop, Avengers has seen a pretty dramatic reduction in player base since September. This week, Crystal Dynamics showcased the game’s next hero as well as outlined its first season of content wi...

Marvel’s Avengers’ First New Hero Comes Soon

On Tuesday, November 18, 2020, Crystal Dynamics announced that they would be showcasing Marvel’s Avengers’ first new hero, Kate Bishop, in a video premiering Thursday, November 19, 2020.

What Did We Learn from Outriders Broadcast #4

On November 5, 2020, People Can Fly and Square Enix brought us the fourth installment of the Outriders Broadcast series. In this episode, we finally got a look into the game’s post-campaign content as well as a deeper dive into the Technomancer class.

Outriders Broadcast #4 Comes Later This Week

On Monday, November 2, 2020, People Can Fly and Square Enix announced the very highly anticipated fourth installment of Outriders Broadcast. Set to premiere on Thursday, November 5, 2020, Outriders Broadcast 4 is primed to cover one of the things fans have been waiting to hear about most: Endgame!

Outriders Delayed to 2021: The Good, The Bad and What’s Next to Come

Earlier this week, People Can Fly announced that their upcoming Cooperative Action-RPG, Outriders, would be delayed until 2021. It had been speculated for some time now that the game would be coming later rather than sooner after showing up on Steam with a date of 2021, but it is now fully confirmed that Outriders will release on February 2, 2021.



Marvel’s Avengers – Review

It has been the year that many of us have needed some sort of hero or maybe even just a new game to play. Fortunately for us, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have managed to deliver on both. Enter, Marvel’s Avengers. Being most well known for the Legacy of Kain and recent Tomb Raider series, Crystal Dynamics took to the task of bringing a high-quality Marvel Super Hero experience to gamers everyw...

Marvel’s Avengers First Impressions and Early Access War Table Recap

September is here and with that comes the season of gaming releases. One game that I’ve had my eye on since E3 2019 has been Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers: a cooperative action-looter set in the Marvel Universe that stars some of our favorite Superheroes. Fortunately, I was given the opportunity by MHG and Square Enix to check it out during its early access ...

What Did We Learn from Outriders Broadcast #3

This week, People Can Fly and Square Enix showed off more gameplay from their upcoming Cooperative-RPG-Shooter, Outriders. In their third monthly installment of Outriders Broadcast, we were shown A LOT of footage focused on two of the game’s playable classes. Let’s discuss what we saw and what we can expect moving forward towards the game’s launch this holiday.

Outriders Broadcast #3 Comes Next Week

On Tuesday, August 18, People Can Fly announced the next live stream in a monthly series showcasing their upcoming Cooperative RPG, Outriders. Outriders Broadcast #3 looks to give us further insight into one of this year’s most anticipated new IPs, but what can we expect to see?

Marvel’s Avengers: Beta Impressions

The wait is over and those of us who have pre-ordered Marvel’s Avengers have finally gotten a small glimpse of what the game has to offer. While there have been some shining moments of glory to satisfy our superhero power fantasy, they don’t come without their pitfalls. After 15 hours with this past weekend’s play session, there are some distinct highs and lows to point out for t...

Spider-Man Coming to Marvel’s Avengers, But Not For Everyone

Earlier this week, a report came out that a UK-based retailer had posted an interesting listing about Marvel’s Avengers. listed Spider-Man as a future DLC character and would be exclusive to PlayStation owners. Within the next 24 hours, had removed its listing and stated that it was “not correct”. Also, in that same 24 hours, Playstation and Crystal Dynamics con...

Marvel’s Avengers : New Beta Info, Player Progression, Game Modes and Post-Launch Heroes

This month’s War Table live stream for Marvel’s Avengers shed some light on what to expect before September’s launch. Crystal Dynamics gave us some insight on the scope of August’s Beta, player progression at launch, plus a look at the first post-launch hero.

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