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New Game Feature: Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX is a modern redesign of the classic Master System title, Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Debuting in 1986, the first installment to the Alex Kidd franchise was one of SEGA’s responses to Nintendo’s popular Mario Bros series and was received very well. Fast forward 35 years and Merge Games have put a fresh new look to the game for the next generation of gamers.  What’...

Should You Play the Outriders Demo?

The Outriders Demo has been live for about a week and we’ve finally had some time to sink into the gaming world’s next RPG looter. Personally, I haven’t seen as many people on my friends list jump into a game since Anthem’s launch in 2019. It could be the excitement and anticipation of a new IP finally seeing public daylight, but I digress. Like many of us out there who hav...

Marvel’s Avengers’ Latest Hero is Coming Soon!

Earlier this week, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix showed off the latest add-on hero for Marvel’s Avengers, Hawkeye. Now, Clint Barton’s existence in the game isn’t new. He was actually supposed to be the game’s first post-launch hero, but instead, he was introduced as part of the Kate Bishop operation late in 2020. During their latest deep dive video, the devs revealed th...

Outriders: Stadia Release Date and New Demo Info

One of 2021’s most anticipated new action-RPGs, Outriders, is fast approaching its April release. Earlier this week we got some more news regarding its launch and upcoming demo.

What Did We See During Outriders’ Legendary Armor Week?

Following up after December’s “Legendary Weapons Week“, People Can Fly and Square Enix utilized a week in January to show off and celebrate some of Outriders‘ Legendary Armor and mods. Let’s take a peek at some of the things players can look forward to when the game launches this April.

Outriders Delayed Again. New Demo Coming Soon

With less than 30 days left until its second release window, People Can Fly’s upcoming Sci-Fi RPG, Outriders, has been delayed yet again. In a tweet posted on January 6th, they’ve made it apparent that the game would be served best after a little more time in the oven.

Who Needs Shark Week When Outriders Can Bring You Legendary Weapons Week?

In impromptu fashion, People Can Fly showed off some of the legendary weapons for their upcoming sci-fi shooter, Outriders. Taking one weekday for five separate weapons from the game, PCF created their own “Shark Week” that they called “Legendary Weapons Week”. Outriders is fast becoming a highly anticipated shared-world RPG due out early next year. Despite its recently ann...

Marvel’s Avengers Takes Aim at the Future

Coming into the fall launch season of 2020, Marvel’s Avengers was primed to make a pretty substantial splash in the gaming space. After a somewhat buggy release and an overly repetitive gameplay loop, Avengers has seen a pretty dramatic reduction in player base since September. This week, Crystal Dynamics showcased the game’s next hero as well as outlined its first season of content wi...

Marvel’s Avengers’ First New Hero Comes Soon

On Tuesday, November 18, 2020, Crystal Dynamics announced that they would be showcasing Marvel’s Avengers’ first new hero, Kate Bishop, in a video premiering Thursday, November 19, 2020.

What Did We Learn from Outriders Broadcast #4

On November 5, 2020, People Can Fly and Square Enix brought us the fourth installment of the Outriders Broadcast series. In this episode, we finally got a look into the game’s post-campaign content as well as a deeper dive into the Technomancer class.

Outriders Broadcast #4 Comes Later This Week

On Monday, November 2, 2020, People Can Fly and Square Enix announced the very highly anticipated fourth installment of Outriders Broadcast. Set to premiere on Thursday, November 5, 2020, Outriders Broadcast 4 is primed to cover one of the things fans have been waiting to hear about most: Endgame!

Outriders Delayed to 2021: The Good, The Bad and What’s Next to Come

Earlier this week, People Can Fly announced that their upcoming Cooperative Action-RPG, Outriders, would be delayed until 2021. It had been speculated for some time now that the game would be coming later rather than sooner after showing up on Steam with a date of 2021, but it is now fully confirmed that Outriders will release on February 2, 2021.

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