Veteran Gamer Girl, Mom, Wife, D&D DM, I am a fan of video games and all things D&D, fledgling cosplayer.

Terraino : Build Your Adventure

This Valentine’s weekend most couples would be going to dinners, flowers, chocolates, and all that other lovey-dovey stuff. My wife and I? We spent a romantic weekend building 3D D&D environments. Don’t worry, it was totally worth it!

Saving Throw Episode 1 w/ldycalluna

Welcome to Saving Throw! A recurring article where we traverse deeper into the world of Dungeons and Dragons together. There are lots of moving parts in D&D and it can get overwhelming at times. So we will work step by step to explore the nooks and crannies of our favorite pen and paper game! Today let’s make a character!  I should make a note, we are assuming you have not invested any money s...

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