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Terraino : Build Your Adventure

This Valentine’s weekend most couples would be going to dinners, flowers, chocolates, and all that other lovey-dovey stuff. My wife and I? We spent a romantic weekend building 3D D&D environments. Don’t worry, it was totally worth it!

Saving Throw Episode 1 w/ldycalluna

Welcome to Saving Throw! A recurring article where we traverse deeper into the world of Dungeons and Dragons together. There are lots of moving parts in D&D and it can get overwhelming at times. So we will work step by step to explore the nooks and crannies of our favorite pen and paper game! Today let’s make a character!  I should make a note, we are assuming you have not invested any money s...

D&D: Getting Started

Almost everyone plays or knows someone who plays or has played Dungeons & Dragons. For those who aren’t familiar with D&D, we take a closer look at one of our favorite pastimes, complete with tips and some resources.

Black Desert Online: Mobile

Here we go again with ldycalluna reviewing yet another iteration of Black Desert Online. They’ve gone mobile! Let’s see how it holds up to the PC and Xbox versions.

Balancing Act: Real life and Video games

Ldycalluna has been scarce this past month because work and real life has taken most of her free time. Leaving little to enjoy the amazing video games that were released and less to write about it.  Let’s see how she manages to keep on top of it all

Wizard World Columbus 2019

Wizard World Columbus was a great introduction to what a “con” is and what you can expect from others. If you are on the fence about whether or not you should go to one near you check out my recount of the experience as a whole below.

Fortnite Ch. 2 It’s BaaAAAck!

As of 6 am EST today Fortnite has returned with Chapter 2.  The trailer shows off some new weapons, skins, locations, and activities.  From the looks of it, the Island has been completely overhauled with new locations.  From sandy beach fronts to a very imposing looking energy plant that spews purple goop.  There are some new activities too! Looks like they will be introducing some fishing and swi...

Borderlands Show: Ep 1 Bloody Harvest

The newly featured weekly podcast will discuss all things Borderlands 3.  In the first episode, they cover the upcoming free DLC: Bloody Harvest. It sounds like a good time to me!  New weapons, skins, and shields are always welcome. I am apprehensive about how effective they will be long term in the game, but I am eager to give them a try and strike some Terror into the hearts of my foes!  Check o...

Hands-on History: Ancestors Humankind Odyssey

(Best read as David Attenborough) Here we get to experience the ancient Hominid in its natural environment, the heart of Africa. They have many natural predators from snakes to wild boars.  Every plant surrounding them could be their end. Whether they survive or not depends on you.

Borderlands 3- What we’re up against

In an ongoing effort to ride the hype train all the way to Sept 13th I will be tossing even more Borderlands 3 meaty goodness in your faces.

Borderlands 3 Character Roundup

Borderlands 3’s release is right around the corner so over the next few weeks we will be dropping as much information as we can to whet your appetite! This week we are talking about all the playable Vault Hunters!

The Forbidden Arts, is it a keeper?

I recently had the chance to explore around Stingbot‘s first foray into gaming, The Forbidden Arts.  This self-funded indie company has some serious competition in the market.  How does it measure up?

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