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A Microsoft 365 consultant and a Xbox Ambassador, I got into gaming thanks to the Nintendo 8-Bit my parents got me when I was young. Enjoy the competitive play style of games like Smite and Overwatch and can get lost in RPG’s like Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect.

Gamescom Coverage

Gamescom is a trade fair for video games held annually at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is organised by game – Verband der deutschen Games-Branche, English: Association of the german videogames industry.



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is an upcoming online multiplayer action role-playing video game being developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Players will assume the role of a Freelancer, one of a group of people who leave their civilization to explore the surrounding landscape.



Far Cry 5 Review in Progress

Sometimes when you play a game you feel like the developers made the game with you in mind. This is exactly how I feel with Far Cry 5. The explosions, the mayhem, the vehicles, all in an open world where I can do whatever I want. Sign me up. Far Cry 5 is an open world series that continues to show that Ubisoft knows how to make great games. The combat, physics, wildlife, and explosions all mix tog...

Assassin’s Creed Origins Videos



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Avengers Infinity War

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Avengers: Infinity War is a 2018 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team the Avengers, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is the sequel to 2012's The Avengers and 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the nineteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).



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Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is an action-adventure first-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is the eleventh entry and the fifth main title in the Far Cry series, and was released on March 27, 2018.

Interview With Warhorse Studios – Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was crowned best PC game of Gamescom 2017. It has seen an impressive rise in online awareness and has truly grown beyond the initial Kickstarter campaign. With a lot of people eagerly looking forward to February 2018 to dive into this potentially amazing RPG, we had the chance to talk to Rick Lagnese, PR for Warhorse Studios, and ask him about the upcoming game.

Destiny 2 Activities – What to Expect in the First Month

Bungie has released its plans for the first month of Destiny 2, posting a nice road map on their own blog. It tells us when we will be able to do certain events and, most importantly, when Xur will arrive. The road map starts with the launch week and ends on Friday, September 29.

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