August Oliver

August (a.k.a. Draco Augustus) is a dad gamer who loves sharing all of his geeky passions with his family, from Marty McFly to Mario and Master Chief. He is also the co host of the Nindies and Indies podcast and founder of the Houston Switch Club. #GoStros

PAX South 2020 – Shot One Interview

At PAX South I came across a great looking indie game called Shot One, by Red Moon Workshop. A spiritual successor to Windjammers, Shot One is still in the early stages of development, but they are hoping to make waves in the eSports scene.  Check out the video to see an interview with one of the devs and find out more about the game!

Pax South 2020 – Interview with Tinybuild CEO

Draco stops by the Tinybuild booth at Pax South and chats with Tinybuild CEO.

Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase

Once again Nintendo shows us they know how to put out a showcase of the great independent studios bringing their games to Switch for the fans.  With surprises for next year like Sports Story and Axiom Verge 2 as well as other surprises like Talos Principal and Dauntless releasing on the Switch today with cross-platform play and saves, this Indie World Direct delivered.  Be sure to watch it for you...

Ghostbusters the Video Game Remastered on the Nintendo Switch

Is there something strange in your neighborhood?  You better pick up a copy of Ghostbusters the Video Game Remastered and join the cast of the original title films as a rookie Ghostbuster in training.

Astral Chain on Nintendo Switch

If you are looking for a super anime cyber noir action game you have come to the right place. Astral Chain, the new Nintendo Switch exclusive title by Platinum Games, is out now and ready to entertain. From high intensity super natural brawls to endearing goofy police dog mascots, Astral Chain keeps you linked into the action and bound to the story. (Chain puns)

Nintendo Direct September 2019

Nintendo left us reeling from the uppercut of information they just dropped in their Nintendo Direct.  Lots of new tidbits like the juggernaut that is Overwatch coming in October as well as twenty Super Nintendo Entertainment System games.  With some of the SNES games coming as soon as tomorrow, others rolling out over the next couple of months and some classics like Xenoblade Chronicles Definitiv...

Pokémon Masters is finally out!

Pokémon Masters is finally out on mobile smart devices and it’s definitely a game that any Pokémon fan should give a Poliwhirl.  It is a free-to-play game full of fun characters from the Pokémon universe and has a battling system new to the series. The story is fun and entertaining and the graphics and animations pull you straight into the world of Pokémon.

2019 Pokémon Press Conference Breakdown

Pokémon is at it again with their 2019 Pokémon Press Conference.  With big reveals like a new Detective Pikachu game in the works for the Nintendo Switch, and the new universal cloud-based Pokémon storage system, the future of Pokémon only seems to be getting brighter.

Nindies and Indies Showcase

Join our hosts ScrapGear and Draco Augustus in Episode 33 of Nindies and Indies: A Nintendo Fan Podcast.   This week we talk about the games we’ve played over the past week. Featuring Fortnite, YIIK A Post Modern RPG, Slain: Back From Hell, Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek, Jotun, and Splatoon 2.   This week Scrap and Draco talk about all the games shown off during the most recent Nindies Showc...

A Robo Recall Experience

I haven’t picked up any of the virtual reality systems for myself yet but every once in a while someone brings one to work to play with and I take full advantage.  I was able to play Doom, Rick and Morty, a demo for Star Wars Battlefront, and Ace Combat 7 at PAX South but the other day I experienced my favorite one so far on an Oculus Rift. Are you interested in dual-wielding automatic pistols, do...

Nindies and Indies: Xbox on Switch?

Join our hosts ScrapGear and Draco Augustus in Episode 31 of Nindies and Indies a Nintendo Fan Podcast.   This week we talk about the games we’ve played over the past week. Featuring Fortnite, YIIK A Post Modern RPG, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Jotun and Apex Legends.   This week Scrap and Draco talk about a couple of announcements made during the week, including two new games coming to the N...

YIIK: a Post Modern RPG

If you want a charming turn based RPG with a 90s feel to it then YIIK: a Post Modern RPG by Ackk Studios is the name of your game.  Returning to his home town as a bachelor of liberal arts post graduate, Alex briefly meets a mysterious girl after finding her cat and is thrust into a sci-fi thriller that he was not ready for when she goes missing.  Enlisting the help of his younger high school frie...

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