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The next Assassins Creed has been announced and this time Vikings are the faction of choice. Let’s go over what we know so far and take a little look at that teaser trailer.

The gaming community is buzzing right now for the new Assassins Creed game which was announced yesterday in a unique way, but with the teaser trailer dropping earlier today, it’s left fans of the series with many questions left to be answered.

Vikings confirmed

Yesterday on the 29th April we finally found out what the new Assassins Creed title would be based on – vikings. Granted that rumors have been flying around since last year when a poster was spotted in The Division 2, but none the less it’s still exciting to be officially confirmed along with a name for the game, Assassins Creed Valhalla. The reveal took the shape of an 8 hour livestream with the sensational Bosslogic drawing up the reveal artwork over the 8 hours resulting in a magnificant piece of Art by the end of it.

So what can we take from the teaser trailer?

What we got was a stunning cinematic trailer. Featuring vikings approaching what appears to be England, could this game be based around the Norman Conquest of England? If we’re basing this from the trailer it looks pretty much so. We also saw a furious battle in which we are drawn to a hooded figure before he transforms into a crow, “Odin is with us” shouts the Viking, could the Odin be a critical part of the game?

We leave the trailer with so many unanswered questions. Will it have RPG elements, much like Origins and Odyssey or will it take the approach of some of the older games? Will our antagonist be male or female, or even both? Who is our antagonist? How will the Norse Gods play into this?

Although a specific release date hasn’t been mentioned, we do now know that it will be released sometime in holiday 2020, so not too long to wait, a steel-book version of the game was featured and considering Xbox was featured in the trailer it might be worth a guess that there could well be something Xbox exclusive.

Until then….

Up until the release of the game it’s going to be an interesting time indeed, speculation will be rife and we shall all be anticipating even the tiniest tidbit of new information.

One thing is for sure, us here at Mulehorn gaming are stoked to find out more about the game. If you’re looking for something to quench that Assassins creed thirst in the meantime then feel free to go check out our twitch channel where you can catch Mule streaming Assassins Creed Odyssey, alternatively come chat to us over in our discord.

Until then…Blow it up!

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