Here you can find all the Interviews held by the Mulepack with various people from the gaming industry!

While we were working our way around the main exhibit hall at PAX South, we obtained an excellent interview when we ran into our friend Joe Granato IV in the NES Maker booth.  The man is inspirational as he seems to function on pure passion, using his excitement and body language to move around his booth to show us the tools of the NES Maker.

Battle Chef Brigade by Trinket Studios is truly a gem of flavor and taste on the Nintendo Switch.  The game brings you into a world of fantasy and magic where battle chefs are the saviors and protectors of the land and, to hone their skills, an annual tournament is held in tradition.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was crowned best PC game of Gamescom 2017. It has seen an impressive rise in online awareness and has truly grown beyond the initial Kickstarter campaign. With a lot of people eagerly looking forward to February 2018 to dive into this potentially amazing RPG, we had the chance to talk to Rick Lagnese, PR for Warhorse Studios, and ask him about the upcoming game.

Across the world in a country called New Zealand lives a master cosplay/prop builder. His talent, skill and ability are unparalleled. Andrew Cook AKA Andrew DFT is a pioneer in prop making. He has labored for many years, honing his craft in a specific media. He is a gaming fanatic, dedicated to building away some of the most unbelievable props. This self described “Kiwi” has developed ...

There was many booths and games to be visited while at Pax South this year, but there was a booth that drew my attention immediately. Earthfall!

Are you a big fan of Super Smash Bros? How about other party fighters like TMNT: Smash-Up or PlayStation All-Stars? Well, you are in luck! A new game is coming out soon featuring the same party/fighter gameplay. I was able to interview the CEO of Angry Mob Games, Bogdan Iliesiu, to talk a bit more about the game, Brawlout. Check it out in the video below.

Watching Nefarious for the first time brought back all of the feelings from the 8/16 bit era (think Mega Man meets Earthworm Jim). The game is an action platformer where you play the final boss and travel to different kingdoms kidnapping the princesses. Your goal: To fight off the heroes and keep the princesses in your grasp.

The unexpectedness of  What Remains of Edith Finch started from the beginning of my demo and didn’t let up. In a genre that allows for interpretation, Edith Finch takes advantage of that with a completely different take on storytelling.

Rooster Teeth: Not Just Red vs Blue When you think Rooster Teeth, the first thing that comes to mind is typically Red vs Blue. The lineage of Rooster Teeth is a healthy one, so much so that a gaming division has been added. I had the opportunity to catch up with Mike Hardwin, Director of Rooster Teeth Gaming, and learned a bit about its inception. We also dove into their latest project titled R...

Interview with Vivid Helix   Attending PAX South gave me the opportunity to meet Radu Muresan, the creator of a new game called Semispheres. Radu took the time to talk to me about his new game.   [embedyt][/embedyt] So, What’s Happening?   As you can see, Semispheres is a new stealth puzzle game that puts you in control of two differe...

“Up and coming.” That’s a term used to describe this month’s cosplay/prop builder. There’s no shortage of talent, skill and rising ability with this eccentric Sangheili prop builder. Capt. Half-jaw is a Halo fanatic, tinkering away with many hrs building some of the coolest props. He’s an “Elite Elite”.

Emma Bridle is a Social Media Manager at Rare and has an amazing opportunity. The company has been reinventing themselves over the last few years. They are known for not only having a fantastic back catalog, but also their intense secrecy. However, that is beginning to change. Starting with Rare Replay, the company has begun to focus on community and having an active involvement with the gamer. Wh...

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