Here you can find all the Interviews held by the Mulepack with various people from the gaming industry!

With so many big AAA titles coming out this season, I wanted to reach out to some indie developers to see what they are working on. This week I had the chance to chat with Shannon Williams about his latest game Mark Out! The Digital Wrestling Card Game.

At PAX South I came across a great looking indie game called Shot One, by Red Moon Workshop. A spiritual successor to Windjammers, Shot One is still in the early stages of development, but they are hoping to make waves in the eSports scene.  Check out the video to see an interview with one of the devs and find out more about the game!

Ah, Mass Effect. A game series that has found its way into animation, books, comics, and most importantly, our hearts. It has also found its way into tabletop RPGs, including one that is in the form of a podcast, produced by the team members of Hyper RPG. I stumbled upon Mass Effect: Adventum, and was blown away by the immersive production, lovable characters, and gripping story. I listen almost d...

There were so many great takeaways from our trip to New York Comic Con (NYCC). It seems like the fun never stopped and we are still on the grand stage going from booth to booth to check out what’s the next best thing. Although there was so much going on between cosplayers, guest panels, and autograph signings, the best part of NYCC for us was the interview that had with Sully from Funko.

Many people who play video games have dreams about getting into the industry and being a part of making them. The problem is that game testing or more properly Quality Assurance (QA) is much more involved than just playing video games for money.

“With MetaArcade we landed on something we believe can work in all genres of games and interactive fiction—the goal is to let people create easily and still have a robust game mechanic in it which can apply across all universes.” – David Reid, Founder & CEO, MetaArcade

Next Level E-Sports is an organization based in the Houston, Texas area who are very passionate about eSports and gaming in general. I was able to attend their Super Smash Bros. tournament at the Eureka Heights Brewery, where some of the top Smash Bros. competitors in the area duke it out for three hundred dollars. Next Level also had giveaways throughout the tournament, handing out shirts, gaming...

Back in January, during PAX South, I spotted an odd duck head on someone at a booth that had a game playing on a Playstation Vita. These being odd things to see, I thought I’d stop to take a closer look at Pato Box.  Seeing that the game was coming to the Nintendo Switch it piqued my interest and since then I was able to stay in touch with Samir Durán Kuri, the project manager at Bromio. He was ab...

Internet security is an increasingly important issue. In this day and age, there are many different dangers online. From script kiddies to hackers and, yes, even your ex, threats to your digital life can come in many forms. As a gamer, your digital life is a potentially massive one. You probably can’t even remember how many accounts are in your possession right now. These could include your Steam ...

  On this episode of Nindies and Indies, ScrapGear and Draco Augustus get an interview with Ben Archer, one of the co founders of Bishop Games and creators of the new indie game Lightfall.

Have you ever dreamed of playing a game like Diablo but set in a sci-fi theme? Welcome to the world of Nova Genesis and the game Solar Purge.

Gaming is becoming more and more acceptable all over the world, but did you also know that gaming is therapeutic? Stack-Up is an organization that seeks to take the therapeutic abilities of gaming and serve veterans and those who are actively serving in our military.

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