Are Private Matches Coming Back to Destiny 2?


The launch of Destiny 2 was pretty smooth compared to previously launched DLC, and vanilla Destiny. We all remember the issues with the Rise of Iron tapir errors. Along with the launch of any game comes heartburn and a helping of salt. One of the issues with Destiny 1 crucible players have is the absence of private matches in Destiny 2. Well, we have good news for all you guardians out there in cyberspace as it appears that private matches will be making a return!

Thanks to a keen viewer during MegaMagwitch’s stream a private match icon has been spotted in Destiny 2. Below is the tweet from MegaMagwitch.

If you go to Lord Shaxx in the tower and look from his perspective this is what you will see!

Destiny 2 crucible screens

via MegaMagwitch twitter

As you can see in the larger screenshot, the icon used in Destiny 1 for custom matches is the same icon shown on the far left TV screen. This is exciting news for all of us Guardians. A much loved game mode is strongly hinted at making it’s way back to the crucible! With the updated clan system in Destiny 2 I could see a big rise in clan vs clan PVP matches. Or even in-house clan PVP tournaments for bragging rights. Are your excited about this? Let us know on twitter or in the comments below.

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