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On July 9th Black Ops will be launching its fifth operation, “Apocalypse Z” on PS4. This will launch on Xbox and PC the week following on July 16th. What exactly does this new operation have in store? And will it and other quality of life changes help the game or just be another setback?

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Operation Apocalypse Z

The zombie apocalypse is set to arrive on PS4 first July 9th, as the undead take over Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout. Though information is still scarce, more intel and surprises will be shared as we count down to launch. The next chapter of the Zombies Aether story in “Alpha Omega” is set to launch during this operation as well.

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“Fourth of July” Special Event Now Live

Starting July 2nd on all platforms, the “Fourth of July” special event went live in the Contraband stream, culminating in a new earnable Ultra Weapon Bribe at the 15th Tier. Ultra Weapon Bribes reward players with a new ranged Black Market weapon and two Reserve Cases when opened. If you already own a variant of all Black Market weapons, you’ll be rewarded with an additional weapon variant from your Ultra Weapon Bribe.

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New Duplicate-Protected Crates are now available on all platforms for trade-in at the Reserves tab in the Black Market. Players can trade in six Reserve Cases for a new Duplicate-Protected Crate containing three distinct Reserve items.

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Weekly Thoughts

The addition of Ultra Weapon Bribes is big since one of the biggest complaints recently was the addition of these overpowered guns to the loot crates. Hopefully, they will add more chances to get these rewards to the game. The Duplicate-Protected Crates are another small step in the right direction.  Collecting items from the massive supply crate loot pool (over 1800 Items) can be very time consuming when you have the chance to gain an item you have already unlocked. The biggest thing people have asked for is the removal of these duplicate drops, but as of now this is the closest we will get to that.

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